JD Harris Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler

When it comes to scarring, it’s never a nice thing to have to deal with the obvious change in appearance to the skin but it’s even worse when it’s on the face. From accidents to illness, we can become scarred in many different ways and it can really knock your confidence. My daughter received a facial scarring at the age of seven after scratching a chicken pox above her right eye which has left her with a permanent circular indent just above her eyebrow. Now clearly my daughter is too young to be concerned with wearing makeup, but her scar is the perfect way to demonstrate how incredible Dermaflage is at making scars disappear.

JD Harris Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler

JD Harris Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler

Whether you want to smooth over acne scars, remove deep indents, cuts, large pores, imperfections, skin blemishes, birthmarks or furrowed lines and wrinkles, Dermaflage can be used on all areas of the body and looks just like real skin, even in bright daylight. It is the world’s first topical retail product that is able to invisibly mask blemishes and scars all day, for which previously injectable fillers caused lumps and bruising under the skin and surface makeup rubbed and sweated off in just a few hours.

The Dermaflage filler can be worn with or without makeup and provides a smooth and natural complexion that is virtually undetectable all day long. It uses a patented blend of medical grade silicones, cosmetic pigments and tiny coloured rayon fibres which mix together to form a thin silicone mask across the skin. Unlike makeup it doesn’t wipe off easily or smear when touched, but when you choose to remove it you simply peel it off. You can use it over your regular makeup, as the brush-on primer creates a barrier to keep the filler in place despite oily skin or perspiration. The filler replicates the way the skin responds to light, and heavy makeup blocks light which creates an unnatural look, so applying the filler over the top of makeup diffuses the light and takes on the makeups colour from underneath to create a natural look and finish just like real skin. Dermaflage is an immediate flawless alternative to surgery and invasive procedures perfect for special occasions, wedding makeup, photographs or everyday wear if required.

The filler comes in six colour varieties the Golden Kit for fair and medium skin with yellow undertones, the Fair Kit for light skin with pink undertones, the Rosy Kit for light and medium cool skin with pink undertones, the Bronze Kit for medium and bronzed dark skin with golden undertones, the Tan Kit for a light tan with brown undertones and the Dark Kit for deep skin with brown undertones. As my daughter is the whitest of white we are using the Fair Kit. The entire process takes less than five minutes from start to finish, and once I read through the instructions and tried it a couple of times I could soon do it quickly and without fuss.

I start by priming my daughters bare skin with the brush-on primer to ensure the filler sticks, this is a clear liquid which clings to the skin and doesn’t show up, but if you’re using it over makeup then you put the primer on top of your foundation. Next I squeeze about a half of a pea amount of filler onto the gel texture pad and mix it up with the mixing stick. The filler combines two liquids, one clear silicone and the other a coloured pigment which mix together as gel which quickly dries into a rubbery paste for which you have about 30 seconds to apply it to the face. If you need more time you can mix up a little more filler and work on it in stages depending on the size of the area you wish to cover. As Millie only has a small scar I could cover it very quickly and easily with a single application but it’s best to use a small amount and take your time rather than rush and waste it. Once the filler is in place you then smooth out the edges with a gentle stroking motion to blend it into the skin around it before pressing the textured gel pad onto the silicone to create a skin-like finish. The pad is held in place for 30-50 seconds and when you peel it off the filler has cured and looks incredibly real.

As you can see in the pictures my daughters chicken pox scar is completely concealed and it looks as though nothing was ever there. It doesn’t itch or pull and she’s free to use her expressions and move her face as she normally would. When it comes to removing it she’s happy to peel it off herself and she said that it feels a lot like the play putty she uses at school, only it looks just like real skin and the special effects used in films. For Millie she’s at an age where she’s not too concerned by her scar, but as she gets older she may feel the need to cover it for school photos, parties or special events if she chooses to. For an adult Dermaflage is perfect for covering imperfections and it’s so safe and easy to do from home with the ability to transform appearances and restore self confidence.

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