Jst Jodie Rage212 Pre-Workout Supplement

A massive factor in fitness is having the strength and stamina to maintain a workout routine, as consistency and effort are key to achieving a healthy lifestyle and achieving results. As a single mother to my two young children I find that I often lack energy and hit the wall during my workouts where I just don’t have the strength to carry on. Therefore having a pre-workout supplement to boost your energy levels prior to a workout is the perfect way to keep you energised, and thanks to Rage212 from Jst Jodie I’ve never felt so alive!

Jst Jodie Rage212 Pre-Workout Supplement

Jst Jodie Rage212 Pre-Workout Supplement

The Rage212 pre-workout supplement helps to increase alertness and improve concentration thanks to its caffeine content and key nutritional ingredients including arginine, citrulline malate, beta alanine and taurine. The powder can be taken in a shot when mixed with 50ml of water, or as a refreshing drink mixed with 150ml of water and should be taken on an empty stomach twenty minutes prior to exercise.

Being a vegetarian for over 20yrs now I find that I need a little extra kick to keep my strength and energy levels on form, and after having the delicious fruit punch flavour Rage212 in my shaker prepared as a drink, it tasted just like a normal fruit squash, yet within minutes I could feel it taking effect. Much like a dog that pricks up it’s ears when it sees or hears something of interest, I found that I suddenly stood taller, moved faster and thought more clearly as I cooked the children breakfast and speed washed the dishes waiting for my twenty minutes until I could start my workout. I went from half-heartedly stirring porridge and scrubbing sticky saucepans to suddenly juggling cups, spritz cleaning down the kitchen worktops and hanging out the washing at lightening speed.

And when I did my cardio based workout, rather than going at around 70% of my ability for several minutes I found that I could really up my output and went for a full out 100% for a good quarter of an hour before I had to stop and catch my breath. The Rage212 made me far more capable at maintaining effort and stamina in my routine and as a result I was able to really raise the bar with todays workout. Having a pre-workout supplement makes an incredible beneficial difference to my fitness ability. Priced at £39.99 for 250g from Jst Jodie, a single tub of Rage212 provides fifty servings at just 79p per shot, and considering the average cost for a single espresso is £1.50 in the UK this is certainly a supplement to shout about, I take my sweat bands off to salute INBF champion and founder of Jst Jodie, Miss Jodie Marsh!

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