Jst Jodie Rocket Twin Hydration Bottle Pack

Hydration is key to a fit and healthy body, every cell, tissue and organ needs water to function properly. Water helps the body to maintain temperature, remove waste and lubricate joints, and without it we can suffer in more ways than one. Signs of being dehydrated can include dark urine, a dry mouth, fatigue, thirst, headaches, confusion and dizziness, so it’s important to up your daily intake, especially when working out. I have to confess that I hardly ever drink as much as I should and often suffer from tiredness, confusion and restless sleep, which is why the Rocket Twin Hydration Bottle Pack from Jst Jodie is so helpful!

Jst Jodie Rocket Twin Hydration Bottle Pack

Jst Jodie Rocket Twin Hydration Bottle Pack

The hygenic non drip water bottles assist you in keeping hydrated with printed times and volumes of water measured across each bottle for the morning and afternoon. This helps to monitor your hydration levels throughout the day, which I often fail to do as I can leave a glass of water sat on the side for hours on end which goes warm, gathers dust and the dog often runs over for a cheeky slurp without me knowing. I’ve caught him more than once and immediately ran to brush my teeth after! Eugh!

The pack features two 750ml bottles totalling 1.5litres of water perfect for your daily intake. Thanks to the hourly markings you can take sips of water throughout the day, little and often rather than guzzling down a glass at once and losing track of how much you’ve had. It’s certainly made me more conscious of just how little water I drinking throughout my average day, and my energy levels and alertness have increased measurably since hitting my target of 1.5l. I’m also going to the toilet more routinely, which has turned my urine clear and leaves me feeling fresh and energetic rather than tired, slumped and stuffy.

I’ve often read that we confuse the sensation of hunger with thirst, and at times when we feel peckish and want to snack before or after our meals, we’re not actually hungry at all as the body merely wants water to wash the food down or take away our thirst. Since drinking my recommended daily amount of water I’ve also noticed that I’m no longer snacking, which in turn has helped with my diet and fitness, because everybody knows abs are made in the kitchen, and food is just as important as exercise when getting into shape.

With the bottles having a pressure nozzle they stay safe and secure even when upside down and won’t drip or leak. There’s no need to fiddle with lids or catches when trying to open it, as the water only comes out when you suck on it, so you can easily pick it up for a one-handed sip whilst sitting at your desk, out on the road or beasting it in the gym. Priced at just £6.99 from Jst Jodie for the Rocket twin bottle pack, proper hydration is the most easiest and worthwhile change that we can all make to our health.

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  • Hi.. I have just seen your utube video.. I’m glad I have seen it, I’m not sure of following u in anything, bc I’m totally in love with u, I admire u,
    I just wanna keep this like if I dreamed of it. All I need to say is you are a really beautiful person, u have not deserved being treated that bad, but it was good it was to u, it maked u an a really strong person, it maked u help other people around the world, there’s nothing can’t stop u now, I wish I could met a girl like u, I love the love u have for others, I love the way u got through it all, I love all the story u told about, I know it was harder than the one u explained. You are the only one who knows the real story and how difficult and hurtful it was. But now you’re the strongest person I’ve seen \met in my whole life, it made me cry, but for happiness. There’s hope in any situation of the life. I hope u meet someone one day who deserves u, and the one u deserve, must be as good as Jesus. I’m sorry if you’re not Christian, but it was an example. So, I hope all the best of life just for you and your beautiful children. They have one of the best moms in human history, I hope your story reaches you lots of lost souls in this world. Best regards from Costa Rica, from an 22 years YOUNG 🙂 guy, who has never been in hard times, but I’m just thankful. Thank u really, it was nice dreaming about u, it was the best dream. Good bye beautiful.

    • Thank you Fabian that is very kind of you to say. The times that test and hurt us in life are often those that we learn the most from and grow as a person. Everything we go through makes us who we are, and whilst it hasn’t been easy it has been worth it and I appreciate and cherish my life all the more because of it. I hope the weather is nice in Costa Rica, have a lovely day!

      • Woow, I didn’t expect any reply from you, I bet you’re a really busy person, thank you. All obstacles we have in life prepare us for really good things, it totally worth,it develops the best of you . And weather is excellent, you should come sometime, in January-February would be the best. Best regards 🙂

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