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As a single mother of two, I love a good fitness challenge. Under my belt so far I am proud to have Insanity, P90X and most recently P90X3, and with every feat that I complete, I get the itch to try something bigger, harder and more demanding. For my next challenge I will be undertaking T25, a five week program of high intensity twenty-five minute daily workouts. I have being vegetarian, also avoiding fish and egg, for just over twenty-one years now, since the ripe old age of five when I disliked the taste of meat so much that I simply stopped eating it altogether one day. I therefore include soya in my diet, as well as plenty of fresh leafy vegetables, pulses and fruit. However, everytime I have undertaken a workout challenge I feel amazing throughout, but often hit walls of exhaustion, at times I end up dragging my knuckles across the floor to finish a routine and I realise that I may not have gone as long and hard as I hoped for, simply because I’ve ran out of energy. After workouts my muscles ache, burn and I feel tender, which I gradually get used to, but I’ve been told that it needn’t have to feel that way if I supplement properly.

Tracy Kiss Training With JstJodie Supplementation & Fitness Equipment

Tracy Kiss Training With JstJodie Supplementation & Fitness Equipment

I am a supplement virgin so to speak, as I have no knowledge of what’s best for my body and have always imagined huge men with rippling muscles drinking raw eggs straight from a glass and mixing up concoctions of powder and flavours to boost their muscles and recovery. Many gym instructors and personal trainers have told me to supplement my workout properly to prevent muscle wastage and fatigue, but as I workout from home I didn’t see this as a major priority, as my goals have always been to workout, lose weight and tone up. As I’ve always seen the results for myself of my body changing, I was never too concerned about my insides, as I ate healthy and worked out so it was really all I hoped for and wanted. But I’ve since discovered that proper supplementation can in fact aid in weightloss, speed up muscle recovery and better the results, much like giving you super powers to make everything easier and more effective with better results, somebody pass me a shaker and scoop!

Jodie Marsh of JstJodie has very kindly sent me everything that I need to supplement my T25 workout. My kit looks huge and at first I had no idea where to begin as I unwrapped my box of goodies. Here is what is included in my kit, as described on the JstJodie website:

SEMTEX is a fat burner that supports your exercise and workout routines. If used as part of a balanced diet this perfectly balanced formula will deliver unrivalled results giving you that desired edge. The 3 to 6 days supply is perfect as a tester, is compact, convenient, travel sized, can fit into a purse, handbag or pocket, can be kept in a gym bag or glove box and fits through a letter box so no need to wait in for delivery.

SEMTEX 60 Capsules £30.49
SEMTEX is a fat burner that supports your exercise and workout routines. If used as part of a balanced diet this perfectly balanced formula will deliver unrivalled results giving you that desired edge.

JDIET is a Diet Whey Protein consisting of fat burning ingredients great as a healthy snack or after a workout. Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bone.

STORM SmartShake has built-in compartments that allows you to store servings of your JDIET, JMEAL, SEMTEX & HEBEX. With SmartShake™ you don’t have to bring along bags with servings because everything is stored in the shaker, jewellery, locker key, berries, nuts, seeds, gum shield, earphones and mp3 player. It’s advanced anti-leak technology makes the cap and lid safe for hot and cold drinks, with a revolutionary concave hexagon strainer eliminating powder lumps giving your drinks a perfect viscosity.

A handy workout towel, stylish, luxury 550gsm Soft-Feel 100% Ringspun Cotton towel embroidered with the JST Jodie® Logo.

ROCKET Hygenic Hybrid Non Drip sports bottle has been designed to dispense into the users mouth on pressure, without the outlet nozzle having to be either turned or pulled open, reducing the risks of infection and offering greater hygiene for athletes.

A drawstring bright pink bag perfect for storing everything in one place.

Stylish comfortable v-neck design. 100% combed ring-spun cotton. 145 g/m² super soft 30 single baby jersey knit. Athletic heather made from 90% cotton 10% polyester.

So from what I gather here, my workout is broken into pre and post sections; my pre workout supplements are the Semtex which I take prior to exercise to give me the strength and stamina to go hard, during my workout I drink plenty of water in my specially designed hygienic bottle, whilst using my pretty soft towel to mop up the copious amounts of sweat that I plan on secreting. Following my workout I mix up a Whey protein shake in my shaker in order to help my muscles to recover. And hey presto, it’s actually loads easier than I expected. I actually have a supplement plan in place!

As I am currently on medication for tonsillitis, when I have completed my course and am safe to start my workout I will charting my progress on the T25. I will be posting before and after pictures here to show how my body has changed, and blogging details on how I’m feeling, energy levels and post-workout recovery. I am super excited to see how proper supplementation effects the results of a workout, and I hope that you’ll join me on my fitness journey. As I am at an alright size and shape already, my goals this time around are to cut back on fat, not weight, to add definition to my stomach and perhaps achieve a six-pack, and to bulk up my arms and legs by gaining muscle and strength.

UPDATE: 16/06/14 – Day 1 Of Focus T25

I Am Starting Focus T25 Alpha

I Am Using JstJodie Supplements To Fuel My Workout With Focus T25 Alpha

After my first session of T25 today I feel amazing, I am pumped, primed and on top of the world right now. My blood is pumping, my body is singing and every last inch of me feels alive. I love how amazing exercise and my JstJodie supplements have made me feel; I stand taller, sit straighter, feel stronger already and it not only motivates me, but improves my outlook, attention and ability to push myself and reach my goals. The first day of any new workout is always the hardest, and despite my face flushing red and my ears ringing at one point, I think I handled it pretty well. It’s not about pushing yourself until you collapse, it’s about trying your best and working to your ability.

I took my two Semtex capsules half an hour before my workout which gave me a great kick of energy, and mixed up one scoop of whey protein with 250ml of water in my shaker afterwards for a lite shake, as you can use two scoops to make it thicker, and it really saved the day and kept me feeling peak rather than plopped. I’m pretty proud of my first attempt, motivated by the wobble and bounce of my belly right now, but totally determined to go hard and enjoy every last minute of this.

UPDATE 16/07/14 One Month Later

Tracy Kiss Supplementing A Months Fitness Training For Jst Jodie

Tracy Kiss Supplementing A Months Fitness Training For Jst Jodie

Just a quick little update here as I wanted to share with you my fitness progress. I have taken Semtex before each workout and a whey protein shake after to recover and you can see from my pictures just how amazingly strong and able my body has become. I didn’t want to lose any weight, but to bulk up, gain strength, muscle, stamina and agility and the Jst Jodie supplements have helped me to do just that. My body is tight, hard and incredibly capable now and I love the definition I have achieved. I have always worked out without supplementing, so it was interesting to see how the Jst Jodie range would make a difference and I was not only amazed at how energetic it made me feel, but also how quickly the shakes helped me to recover after a workout as instead of my muscles aching and feeling tender I was able to wake up the following morning as fresh as a daisy and do it all over again. Jodie also gave me some great tips, including continuing to take the supplements during rest days so that your body can recover, and after working up a sweat on a scorching hot summers day adding a few ice cubes to a protein shake really cools you down.

Using these supplements has really helped me to take my fitness to the next level and I would never go back to working out without them. It allowed me to put in my regular amount of effort but come away with such greater gains and results because of it as it fuelled my body properly. I had a fantastic time with my fitness journey and have had my eyes opened to the wonders of supplemented training, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

If you’ve used any JstJodie supplements and equipment please feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback below. What have you tried? How did you find it? What would you recommend, and what were your fitness goals?

For more information, a full list of products and contact information, you can visit Jst Jodie online here!

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  • I’m just about to start with the supplements but am worried about how they might affect my sleep? I’ve tried Raspberry Ketones before and was sat up at midnight still wide awake!!! How did you sleep? Did they make any difference at all?

    • Hi Zoe, I had no problem with sleeping as I take my supplements during the day when I do my workouts so by the evening I’m shattered and ready for bed and a good sleep. Please let me know how you get on. Ketones have never stopped me from sleeping either, do you usually find it difficult?

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