Kebelo Velvet Curls Defining Cream

As a child I had the most beautiful glossy brown locks with natural highlights from the sun in summer. When I entered my teens I made the horrendous mistake of constantly bleaching my hair which stripped it away to a thin and straw like thatch that broke off simply from using my hairbrush. After having my two children my hair fell out in handfuls and I lost a lot of volume and thickness that I’d once had, and after several years of using hair straighteners and my hair dryer on a daily basis without heat protection I had the worst wispy split ends. Today I no longer use any heat on my hair and allow it to dry naturally after washing, yet it remains frizzy and fly away, which is why I use Kebelo Velvet Curls to tame my terrorised tangles.

Kebelo Velvet Curls Defining Cream

Kebelo Velvet Curls Defining Cream

The defining cream is SLS and paraben free, using a unique blend of natural ingredients to leave the hair with defined, soft and frizz free curls. Containing delicious extracts of coconut oil, camomile and the quinoa, it smells absolutely incredible like a fine perfume and I literally cannot stop sniffing my hair. It’s formulated for use on curly or wavy hair, for which mine is a combination of straight to wavy, as the underneath of my hair and behind my ears is always tangled and wavy, yet the top section is straight and frizzy.

The cream is thick and glossy, gliding over my freshly washed and towel dried hair effortlessly as I massage it into the tips and mid lengths to target my most frizz prone areas. I find that after washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner I still always seem to have a ball of knots on the right hand side of my parting, but after working in the cream it made my hair so much easier and hassle free to brush out with my soft paddle brush so as not to cause breakage. Despite my hair being below my shoulders in length I needed only a small amount of cream, perhaps the size of a 1p coin because I didn’t want to overload it, and it works into the hair and covers so perfectly without being greasy or sticky. Instantly my hair feels so soft to the touch and doesn’t look as dry, tortured or flyaway as normal.

My hair normally takes around half an hour to dry naturally and after using the defining cream it sits where it should, stays straight all over instead of frizzing ontop and being wavy underneath, and it doesn’t appear to be as wispy at the ends, which in my books is a tremendous result that I have made a part of my routine each time I wash my hair. Priced at just £13.95 for 100ml of Velvet Curls from Kebelo the tube will easily last me the rest of the year and make my frizz a thing of the past.
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