Kiki Health Nature’s Living Superfood

A lot of people turn their noses up at the unknown, a new food, unusual colour drink or strenuous form of exercise that doesn’t fall within the everyday safe and normal comfort zone and expectations that we live by. I admit that if I turned on my kitchen tap one morning and green water started pumping out in fits and spurts then I’d probably telephone the water board to have it shut off and decontaminated; but we can easily miss out on the best things in life if we fail to be open-minded. So when I raise my glass of Kiki Health’s superfood as a toast to good health I sincerely hope that you’ll join me.

Kiki Health Nature's Living Superfood

Kiki Health Nature’s Living Superfood

Made from a balanced blend of 34 green foods, plant juices, sea vegetables, algaes, enzymes and bacterial cultures, Nature’s Living Superfood is a 100% raw and green alkalising whole food supplement ensuring maximum absorption at a cellular level. Designed to suit your daily nutritional needs the nutrients from the whole foods are easily absorbed into the body as a simple drink to support your digestive health. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans this superfood supplement contains no artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers and can be added to a glass of water, smoothies, fresh juice, salads, cereals and desserts. With entirely natural ingredients such as nettle leaf, barley grass, burdock root, kale, parsley, cabbage, broccoli and amla berry as well as bacterial cultures and enzymes it’s like something you would have made in the garden as a child playing mud-kitchens, but just a single teaspoon of powder each day provides an all-in-one nutrition kick for a healthy balanced adult lifestyle.

Here I have prepared my superfood juice with half a glass of cold tap water and a teaspoon of powder and as you can see it makes a dark green drink that remains thin like water and has a mild green taste. I say green in the sense that it reminds me of nature, the smell of sitting in a park on a summers day with freshly cut grass. As all of the ingredients are blended into powder you don’t get an overpowering kick of any single thing, but more a mellow gentle hint of nature and it’s much like drinking green tea with only the bold deep green colour giving away its ingredients. I’d imagine if you added this to a meal you might not taste it at all as it’s so mild, but as a drink the Nature’s Living Superfood it’s pleasant to sip on, hydrating and inoffensive and gives my body the nutritional levels it needs each day to function at its best.
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