Madame La La Tan Light

No matter the time of year or weather outside, I always find that I look and feel far happier when I have a healthy golden tan. So much for the premature ageing effects of using sunbeds and the damage of peeling skin on scorching pebbled beaches, because my flawless tans comes instantly from a bottle without fuss. And with thanks to Madame La La Tan Light I have captured an instant LA glow that develops into a beautiful sun-kissed colour within just 3hrs.

Madame La La Tan Light

Madame La La Tan Light

As I have dark blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin I have selected the light tan, with other shades available to suit all skin tones and types. Thankfully there is no fear of being left looking like an oopma loompa with the self tanning mousse, as the quick drying formula has a DD tan perfector, that’s a ‘dynamic do-all’ to you and I, which is infused with hydrating skincare ingredients such as coco water, aloe, green tea and vitamin E, with built-in skin finishing perfectors that adapt to your natural skin tone to create a unique-to-you colour that stays fabulous for ten whole days.

The application is incredibly simple, as I start by taking a shower with a rough sponge to exfoliate off any dead skin and dirt, how attractive. I then dry myself with a towel and apply moisturiser to the drier parts of my body, paying close attention to my fingers, knuckles, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles so that the tan doesn’t cling and look darker in these areas. And then I pump a squirt of mousse directly onto my skin and rub it in as you would a moisturiser. As the tan is tinted it means that you can instantly see where you have applied it, however this is just a guide colour, as over the next 10hrs it will continue to develop into the skin and when you rinse it off the true colour will be revealed below. I make sure I haven’t missed any white bits by checking myself in the mirror, before waiting a few minutes for my tan to dry and then I can put on my loose pink bath robe to keep covered. It’s best to wear loose fitting soft clothing so as not to rub off or lighten the tan in any areas, and I find applying the tan before bed normally works best for me as I can remove my makeup and clothes and snooze whilst my colour develops, ready for my morning shower. The tan is pretty resistant and doesn’t rub onto clothing or soft furnishings, so I can quite happy sit on the sofa and hug my children without then getting smudges onto their faces or handprints on my cushions. At most the tan only rubs off in small areas where you sweat or have friction, which I normally find to be the bottom of my pillow where my neck rests, or the bones in the middle of my lower back when I ball up like a baby to sleep, it doesn’t effect my finished tan at all as its the excess guide colour that rubs off slightly, and this easily comes off of my white cotton bedding with my weekly wash.

In the morning I stand under a warm shower running my hands over my skin to remove any excess product which takes a few minutes for the water to run clear. I use the soft side of my sponge with a liquid soap to cleanse without exfoliating, as this is best done towards the end of the week to maintain the colour and lift the tan off evenly as it begins to fade. And it’s as simple as that. Within minutes my tan is in place and I can go to bed with my skin perfectly bronzed by the morning. I love how natural the Madame La La tan is as it gives me such a healthy looking colour that could be a natural olive skin tone or a salon professional tan. if I’d have been sunbathing on a beach I’d have undoubtedly had strap marks, a burnt face and chest, white buttocks and jewellery or sandal marks, but from within the comfort of my own home I have an LA enviable tan for just £36.00. The 200ml bottle is huge with just several pumps of mousse needed for each entire body tan, so this will literally last me all season and then some. And when summer comes back around again I can switch to a darker shade to maintain a year round real looking safe fake tan that won’t prematurely age me, now that’s priceless!
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