Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost

22 months ago I had my first experience of semi-permanent tattoing at Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic when I had my eyebrows tattoo’d by Caron Vetter, followed 2 months later by my upper eyeliner too. I love how it corrected my sparse brows and balanced and defined my eyes, giving me effortlessly flawless makeup everyday that didn’t rub off, smudge or run no matter how often I worked out, showered or got caught in the rain. The procedure works by implanting pin pricks of pigment under the skin to create the appearance of hair where there is none.

Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost

Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost

As you can see from the picture above, after 22 months my eyebrows and eyeliner had almost entirely faded away to my natural shape and colour, with the pigment having subtly dispersed with time. It is recommended that you have a colour boost treatment every 18months in order to maintain your semi-permanent makeup, as unlike a traditional tattoo which uses ink, the SPMU needles use pigment which doesn’t go as deep into the skin of the face because the colour would blur and lose definition. For the initial procedure of SPMU two treatments are required four weeks apart in order for the pigment to take, however for a colour boost, only a single treatment is needed every 18 months to maintain the colour, so I returned to Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic for a colour boost on my eyebrows and eyeliner by the very talented Caron Vetter.

‘Caron Vetter MBA Bt & C is a Director of Whitethorn Fields MediClinic. Caron is one of the leaders in medical micropigmentation in the UK. She is professionally trained and has more than 20 years experience carrying out procedures in support of surgeons, both private and within the NHS. Having successfully completed Paramedical Tattoo training in the USA, Caron became one of the first specialists in the UK to provide areola restoration to patients undergoing breast reconstruction following breast cancer. This practice Caron has extended to include the creation of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.’

The procedure typically takes about an hour, and as I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done at the same time it was just under two hours for both of the colour boosts. Caron began by cleansing my eyes and brows to remove any makeup, product or dirt that was in the area, before measuring and marking where my brows should start, end and how high the arch should reach. I was very pleased with my previous SPMU brows, and when they are first tattoo’d they appear very bold and dark which looks quite striking and can be a very dramatic change compared to the brows you’re used to. However as they heal they soon lighten off and settle to look natural, which surprised me as I realised that I really enjoyed my bold striking brows and so this time I decided to go a little darker than before.

Everybody has different reasons and requirements for having SPMU, which is why each procedure is entirely unique and tailored to suit your needs. The reason I have my eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo’d is because I have fair hair and pale skin so my features literally disappear on my face and without makeup my eyes look sunken. I also have uneven brows which start from two different points in the middle and are also different widths, throwing off the balance of my face and so SPMU corrects this which is something that I’d be unable to get so precise with a brow pencil or powder. Others may want SPMU to subtly fill in the gaps in hair that is sparse or over-plucked, it can also be used to cover over a scar or create hair in an area where there simply is none. SPMU works by drawing on hair flicks alongside your natural hair to create a fuller and more defined feature.

A numbing cream is applied to help desensitise the skin and the SPMU tattoo’ing can begin. Eyebrows can be created in a number of ways depending on the results that you desire. Some ladies, as well as gentlemen, like to have solidly defined brows, for which a cluster of needles in a machine can implant a powder block of dark colour to fill in the brow area without leaving any gaps, just like a brow pencil would. Others wish to add a very discreet shape and length to their brows to perfect them without looking as though anything has been done, for this a microblade can be used which is a new technique that involves using a fine blade by hand to individually implant the pigment in very fine hairstrokes at different angles to give the appearance of real hair. The handset that Caron used to colour boost my brows today is a new technology to create hyperealistic brows, with machined lines of pigment in different directions leaving gaps to give the appearance of a natural brow with greater definition, the best of both worlds and exactly what I wanted.

As the area is numbed, at the very worst you feel a scratch when the needle first goes over, with more cream applied throughout so after a couple of minutes I couldn’t feel a thing and there’s no need to be concerned about flinching or moving as it’s a fairly controlled procedure which can be stopped at any time should you need to sneeze, speak or rest. I happily laid with my eyes closed as Caron completed my eyebrows and upper eyeliner, with my eyes occasionally filling with water when working on the corners of my eyes or close to the lash line, but it certainly wasn’t uncomfortable and I happily chatted throughout. Immediately after treatment the area can look slightly red and swollen and the colour will appear a lot darker than you may be expecting, but as it heals it lightens off typically within four to six weeks and the true colour is revealed.

For my eyebrows I went for a dark brown which is slightly deeper than my first SPMU brows, as my natural hair colour is a 7 which is dark blonde to light brown, and I wanted to try bolder brows because I loved the definition of my freshly tattoo’d brows from last time before they healed lighter. I also changed the colour of my upper eyeliner, as I usually wear black liner and love how it brings out my eyes and makes my lashes look fuller. However with my lashes being naturally fair I decided to try a dark brown liner this time to accentuate the shape of my eye without necessarily looking like I’m wearing makeup. And if I want a more full-on and darker look in the evening I can add pencil to the outer edges to create a flick or add extra width.

Following my treatment I was given an aftercare booklet and vitamin A&D ointment to take home with me. The healing process takes around a week, with the colour gradually fading for around two weeks, however everybody is different. Following treatment the area should be kept dry and clean for the first 48hrs, after which the vitamin A&D ointment can be applied twice a day for five days to prevent the area from drying out too quickly and the scabs coming off too soon as this can remove the colour. You should avoid touching the area and stay away from soap and cleansers for the first 48hrs. Hot baths, steamy kitchens and heat can effect the healing so sunbeds are off limits as is swimming or bleaching until the scabs have come off.

The scabs should be allowed to form and fall off naturally and should never be picked or pulled as this will effect the end result. Over the next 4-6weeks the colour will change and fade and in areas it may even disappear completely. As this is my colour boost I already have pigment under my skin from my initial treatment 22 months ago, so I am expecting my eyebrows and eyeliner to heal and need no retouching, however should it heal unevenly or I feel that I need to make changes I can have a repeat procedure in 6weeks time. It’s a good idea to eat before a treatment to ensure your blood sugar levels are where they should be, avoid wearing makeup, perfume or eyelash extensions to the area treated, and if you usually wear contact lenses then bring your glasses along instead so as not to agitate the eye area when healing.

Before & After Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost

Before & After Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost

Right now my eyebrows and eyeliner don’t sting or feel uncomfortable at all and the numbing cream has worn off, but as the treatment has finished it isn’t needed anyway. I haven’t taken any painkillers and I’m fine to go about my day as usual, aside from my eyelids looking slightly puffy and a little red around the immediate area.

UPDATE: 13/12/14 – Healing Day 1

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 1

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 1

Today is day one of healing and my eyebrows and eyeliner are starting to tighten and I am aware of them instead of usually not noticing your eyes at all. It’s not stiff like a normal scab would be, but the first few times that I blinked this morning I did it slow and gentle to ease the movement of my eyes as it felt warm. As you can see, my eyelids are still a little swollen along the top of the lid but the redness has now completely gone. As my eyebrows and eyeliner are perfectly in place I have no need to wear any makeup, but I’ll put some foundation on tonight to go for dinner making sure that I avoid the eye area. I have one more day of keeping my eyes clean and dry until I can start applying the vitamin A&D ointment to stop the scabs from drying out too quickly, and last night I found the best way to sleep was on my back so as not to rub my face on the pillow, and it also worked well to ball the pillow up under my neck with my hand in front of my face so that I could sleep on my side. I was slightly cautious of not catching my eyes on the pillow when trying to get to sleep but soon drifted off and it didn’t bother me at all and there’s no pigment on my white pillows.

I will post pictures here to show you the healing process and results of my SPMU colour boost, and should you have any questions or comments for me please feel free to leave them in the box below. I hope that you can see how a professional and safe treatment can be carried out by an expert and that you now have an idea of what to expect should you choose to have the same procedure yourself. Always consult a professional and do not be lured in by cheap deals or cheesy gimicks because your health and appearance is far too important to live with lifelong disfiguring consequences for the sake of a bargain.

UPDATE: 14/12/14 – Healing Day 2

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 2

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 2

Today is my final day of dry healing and my eyebrows and eyeliner have settled lovely with no redness left at all. The swelling has also completely gone and aside from the odd time when I’ve brushed a hair away from my face and knocked my finger onto a tender eyebrow, I wouldn’t have noticed they were even there. The skin is raised up and firm, much like a traditional tattoo, and the colour sits dark and bumpy on the surface. As I have my natural eyebrow hair within my SPMU eyebrows it hopes to hide the scabbing which is very discreet. I’m finding cleaning my face no different to usual as I use a makeup wipe to remove the foundation on my cheeks and don’t apply any to my eyes or forehead. I also took a shower today and washed my hair, being careful not to take too long or the steam would soften my scabs, and I very carefully patted my face dry with a paper towel so as not to catch or snag my brows.

UPDATE: 15/12/14 – Healing Day 3

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 3

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 3

Today I applied my vitamin A&D ointment for the first time and I look like a bit of a sleek duck with it on, as it makes my eyebrows and eyeliner appear wet and shiny. It’s not massively obvious unless you look closely, and it feels beautifully soothing when I apply it with a clean finger from the sachet. I haven’t noticed any scabs lifting or drying out yet which is good as it means that the pigment can heal in properly. I’m really pleased with the results so far.

UPDATE: 16/12/14 – Healing Day 4

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 4

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 4

Today is day 4 of healing and as you can see I have my vitamin A&D ointment slicked into my brows and upper eyelids like a rather fetching sealion. My eyebrows feel as though they are raised and very defined as the scabs are taking shape nicely and I apply my ointment twice a day so as not to dry them out. It just looks like I’ve loaded my eyebrows with a dark pencil and I don’t think it’s obvious that I’ve had them tattoo’d, as most people just think I have ridiculously dark eyebrows through choice compared to my dark blonde hair colour as you do! My eyeliner is being equally well behaved and I’ve had no problems with either at all. I love how well my eyes are healing and the strong and perfect definition it has given to my face.

UPDATE: 17/12/14 – Healing Day 5

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 5

SPMU Eyebrow & Eyeliner Colour Boost Healing Day 5

Today my scabs are beginning to lift off in little brown flakes. They start off shaking themselves loose in clumps and then standing up in my hair before dropping out. I haven’t pulled them at all, as removing the scabs early can result in the pigment being drawn out and needing a second application. Where the scabs are coming away you can notice the difference in colour as the skin beneath is a medium brown instead of the almost black of the scab. My eyeliner has stayed surprisingly unfazed and I haven’t felt it stiffening or any scabs coming off as I was expecting, it just looks perfect and I no longer have to apply any eye makeup which saves me so much time in the morning as I just gloss my lips and go!

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  • I had my brows microblade 7 days ago. The scab is nearly healed butI cannot yet see the blade cuts. Do you think this is normal or should I see them once the scab is gone?

    • Hi Susan, you won’t see the true finish until the brows are fully healed, if it’s your first treatment you’ll need the second session in six weeks time to get the results. It’s worth the wait! 🙂 Please let me know how you get on.

      • Hi Tracy, it seems as if you didn’t start applying the vitamin A&D cream straight away but waited a couple of days or did I read that wrong? I had my eyebrows done yesterday and started to apply the cream last night already and I’m hoping I haven’t done the wrong thing?

    • Did you have your second treatment? If so, did you notice a difference? I had my first treatment 12 days. Scabs flaked off, but it does that appear I had any work done. Hoping I see a difference, but I’m nervous it didn’t take.

  • I’ve also had mine done for the first time exactly 1 week ago today. The scabs were very dark and black but now that the majority have fallen off, there’s hardly a trace of tattoo left behind, is that to be expected or is there other reasoning for this? My after care was the exact same as the above, 2 days dry and then vitamin a sachet

    • Hi Becci that’s fab news it sounds like your eyebrows have healed well, you will now have to have the second phase which will provide the true colour as the pigment sets into the skin. If you follow my progress you can see how the brows lighten with healing and can be colour corrected and the shape changed. I hope you enjoy your results and please let me know what you think of your second phase x

    • I am experiencing a similar issue…I had my brows down last week and they are now stabbing and peeling and it appears that chunks of color are falling off. Is this normal?

      • Hi Tara, yes that’s perfectly normal as the skin has been tattoo’d and needs to heal. It will lift off in coloured scabs and flakes which sounds horrible but it’s not very noticeable just don’t be tempted to pull them out of your eyebrows or it may draw the pigment out with it, always let them come off naturally. You will notice the colour beneath is a lot lighter and more natural which you either top-up at your follow-up appointment or keep as your new brows. Please let me know how you get on and I wish you all the best with your healing x

        • I had my eyebrows microbladed 5 days ago and I first I thought the were way to dark and thick but I have been reading that it will tone down a bit. Now the scabbing has started and they look so weird as some of it has fallen out but it looks patchy. I’m confused as to how I should take care of them now. Should or could I be washing them with antibacterial soap when I shower? Should I still be putting on the A&D lotion they gave me? Thanks for you help in advance

          • Hi Yassenia I would advise following the instructions from your beautician. For me I kept my eyebrows dry and applied gel to prevent them from lifting off prematurely, it will feel strange and look very dark but heal lighter. The scabs will last around a week so you have to persevere. Please let me know how you get on.

  • I had my brows done yesterday. Where the brow starts, it is way to thick. I want it gone now! I do not care about losing the color, bleeding, etc. I just want the thickness gone. When I get home from work I want to wash them off, pick them off…whatever it takes. Suggestions please.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I’m sorry to hear this Lora, can I ask where you had them done? Other than laser tattoo removal this is something you may struggle to correct. If they’re too big for you then you probably don’t want to have them reshaped. Please remember they will be very dark and bold until they heal and then they will look more natural in the next week. If you pull at them or get them wet you will risk them healing patchy. I’d advise you leave them to heal and contact the practitioner for advice, if you don’t want to go back I highly recommend Caron Vetter who can remove and correct SPMU. I wish you all the best x

  • Hi I had my eyebrows done 6 weeks ago. They where supposed to be warm brown. They went black 3 days later. They are still as black now. I have blonde hair so I am not happy! I had no scabbing at all just flaky dry skin. Will they fade at all?
    Can I get a lighter colour micro bladed over them ? such as a Li pigment LIGHTEN UP?
    I would be very grate full for your advice.

    • Hi Patricia, if this is your first phase of SPMU you can have the colour corrected in 6wks time which should be now if you book your appointment and ask for a lighter shade. I have naturally dark blonde hair with dark brown eyebrows and when my eyebrows grow the hairs come out light so I have them tinted dark to match my SPMU. If your eyebrows are too light they may look different to the roots of your hair and stand out against your makeup, but if you’re not satisfied with the colour it should be easily adjusted after it’s healed. Please let me know how you get on.

      • Hi Tracy just to let you know I am booked in to have my eyebrows lightened on the 22nd July 2016.Thank you for your reply .you have been very helpful. I will keep you updated after my eyebrow treatment. once again. THANK YOU.
        regards Patricia

        • That’s great news Patricia, I’m pleased that you can achieve the shade you require and I look forward to hearing how you get on. Remember it will be around 50% darker than the final result during healing so don’t be disheartened x

          • Hi Tracy just to let you know I never had my eyebrows lightened today. When the lady looked at them she said they are too dark to lighten. She has made me an appointment for the 30th Sept. Hopefully they will have faded substantialy by then. Keep you updated. Regards

          • I’m pleased that you have a correction date to lighten your brows. I always find when I first have mine done and they’re so very dark it’s rather exciting as it’s a different look for me temporarily that I wouldn’t typically have chosen for myself. Although mine lighten off with healing to the shade I require I do kind of miss the boldness of a dark brow after. Now that you have tested the water and can have the colour correction it means that if you repeat the procedure in 18months you’ll know exactly what shade to go. Please keep me updated with how you get on in September and I wish you all the best x

  • My brows wee done yesterday and I am so terrified I look like an angry bird . Can I use retinal cream or salt water to fade the huge arch she made while still in the healing process I feel I have a fighting chance of fading them

    • I’m sorry to hear that Cori, I believe if you soak and exfoliate the skin it will lighten the final results and make lasering easier, but you will still require treatment to remove them as the pigment will heal unevenly. I wish you all the best and please let me know how you get on.

  • Hi Tracy.
    Had my eyebrows done friday, the shape is lovely but feels to thick and dark. Starting to scab today, but way to dark. Do you think the color will fade and will they shrink slightly over next few days?
    Many thanks

  • I had my eyebrow done 2 days ago & yes it looked like 2 big slugs pasted on my eyebrows even up till now, but i’ve been told that this normal for few days, so, i guess patience is the virtue for this vanity 🤕. My natural hair color is black but i dyed it a shade of dark brown, so at the moment i looked like a very angry bird, i even received a strange look at strangers and at work but idc 😉. Hopefully 4-6 weeks will fly by quickly coz i can’t wait to see the full benefit.

      • I had my brows microbladed 9 days ago and today thick scabs have take all the colour away. I feel so embarrassed. They are worse now than before I started. Others are saying they fade but mine have gone. 😱

        • Hi Jo, if it’s your first time that’s perfectly normal as the skin has to take the pigment and you won’t get the true results until after you’ve healed from the second treatment. Don’t worry, it’s the skins healing process and you can see from my results what to expect. Please let me know how you get on.

  • I have had my second treatment of microblading and I was bleeding a lot during treatment. One eyebrow is fine but the other has lost a little pigment. Is it normal to go back for a 3rd session? My technician said she will include it in my top up.

    • Hi Casey, I’ve never heard of having a third treatment before as mine was complete in two but that doesn’t mean to say that it doesn’t happen. You have to be very careful in the healing stage to ensure you don’t pull at the scabs or it can lift the pigment out of the skin. Everybody is individual and some will hold it better than others. I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope that you will let me know how you get on after you’ve healed.

  • I got my eyebrows microbladed today and I absolutely hate the color I feel like they look black like someone drew black sharpie lines on my eyebrows and it’s super noticeable! I want it to fade so badly!!!! I’m really upset but I finds comfort knowing I’m not they only one who didn’t like the color I should have gone lighter I don’t even want to message the MUA because I’m upset!

    • Please don’t panic it’s perfectly normal until they’ve healed and if you’re like me I then missed the boldness of the dark brow once it turned lighter! It’s a shock to start with but won’t be like that for long. Please let me know what you think of them once they’ve healed x

  • I had my brows micro bladed ten years ago and they were done in a dark brown color but looked black once the technician finished. I hated the black color and as you said, the scabs fell off over the next ten days still revealing a color that was too dark but my hair was dark so it was ok. I also had a booster six weeks later. My brows turned out too dark even after the scab fell off. Now ten years later, they are a grayish black color and I have to pencil them in with a medium brown pencil. I am going back to hopefully have them lightened with a yellow and red pigment to counteract the faded gray/black color and get to a warm brown. My appointment is in two weeks and I’m nervous that the red/yellow pigment over the now faded gray will look crazy but my very experienced aesthetician says it should work. we’ll see.

    • Hi Pam, were your brows semi-permanent 10yrs ago because they should never last that long, 18months maximum. Perhaps you had them tattoo’d and they will last a life time with your colour correction being semi-permanent. I too found my brows turned ‘cool’ to a grey blue when I’d had them for a year or so so I had them warmed up with a cocoa colour and love them. Please keep us up to date with how you get on x

  • I had mine tattooed six days ok. All healing well and scabs coming off with no problem but there seems to be no colour underneath. I keep reading they will darken but when?

  • I had my eyebrows microbladed 13 days ago. They look awesome and perfect from day 1 to 6 until it started scabbing on the 7th day until today. I followed everything but when the scabs fell of, so did the hair strokes. Never touch nor picked them. They just fell off like they were imbedded in the scabs, now it looks like I never had any tattoo done…they’re completely gone! Gone with the scabs! I hate my bald and uneven eyebrows now! So embarrassing and I can’t put on eyebrow make up just yet….can’t wait for my follow up in 3 weeks. I guess it will not be a retouch but like having it done all over again like the first time. ☹️

    • Hi Lorraine the first treatment is to inked the pigment and the second will be the true colour. It’s all a part of the process and completely normal. Please let me know how you get on once you’re fully healed.

  • I had my eyeliner and brows done last Sunday. It’s been a nightmare! First off the numbing cream for my eyes burned my corneas, my eyes were pure red, non stop watering and I could barely open them; the pain was excruciating, and my pain tolerance is super high, I wanted to die. I had to go to urgent care and see eye doctors who said they gave me a chemical burn, I had to take off work all week. I couldn’t see anything. I’m just getting my vision back today. I’m on antibiotics and was prescribed multiple drops/creams. And to top it all off the eyeliner is gone! I only have a line on my lower right eye so I look strange. Also now that I can see, I see my eyebrows are huge, dark and uneven. Also big patches of color falling out. I hope they lighten more, and are easily fixed. I’m so upset, I drained my bank account for a nightmare 🙁

    • Samantha I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a bad experience this should never have happened. Have you contacted the clinic that you visited for a response? It sounds like it may be a case of poor practise/hygiene. Do you have a medical history of sensitive eyes or negative reactions? And did you sign a consent form? x

  • Hi Tracy! I had my eyebrows microbladed yesterday and I’m really pleased with the first result…no pain or swelling and today (1st day of healing) they are fine. I’ve been using the balm she gave me but I’m a little worried as I go to the gym a lot and obviously sweat! She said putting a thick layer of vaseline over them would be fine but what do you think?

    • Hi Vicki I’m so pleased you’re happy with your results. I worked out at the gym when min were healing and used a cloth to dab my forehead to prevent sweat, it shouldn’t be a problem and I’d love to hear what you think of the results x

  • Hi Tracy! Your eyebrows and eyeliner look lovely 🙂
    I got my eyebrows done on Tuesday and they started flaking off yesterday and today in chunks which caused me to worry but did some research and saw that this is normal. My eyebrows are patchy and it’s so hard to keep away from them but I am!!
    My therapist asked me to let them dry heal and said I can wet them after a week (two days). I was wondering if you know if I can fill in the gaps while they are healing? I feel slightly awkward walking around with them in this healing stage.
    I have also heard that applying oil on them after the 10th day is good but I don’t know what I should do, since my therapist asked me to dry heal!! I just need this scabbing to go away!!!
    Thank you in advance!!

    • Hi Alexia, that’s perfectly normal for the scabs to lift off, please don’t pick at them or they can pull the pigment out of the skin. When they lift up it does look a bit strange as mine were dark with white edges like a regular scab would be. For the sake of a few days of healing I wouldn’t risk using any makeup on the area. If you’ve been advised to dry heal then please follow the instructions, your therapist will know what is best for the treatment she has provided, I’m sure it’ll look flawless in a few more days x

  • I had a my eyebrows re touched yesterday and instead of the usual hair stroke, I opted for a ombre brow. I instantly regretted this as they seem much more unnatural, dark and thick! She has really enhanced my brows outside of my natural hair line 🙁 I started trolling the internet to find ways of speeding up the fading process but your post has reassured me. How long does it take for the true colour to actually come through? Will my eyebrows fade as much this time as I’ve already previously had them done? Thank you. P.s very jealous of your brows, they look great xx

    • Hi Helena I haven’t had the ombre brow before so I’m afraid I can’t comment on the results but from my own the finished colour is considerably lighter to the extend that I almost miss the black defined brows! It will look more natural once healed and then continue to fade over the coming months depending on how well your skin retains pigment. Big brows are very fashionable so please don’t be too put off. Please let me know how the healing goes x

  • Hi Tracy, thank u so much for your support. I microbladed my eyebrows and they I m shocked they are very dark , thick , sharp and the strokes are so defined. Any hope they will look naturally and lighter after the healing process ?? When should I expect a good result??

    • Hi Sherine they will certainly lighten so please don’t panic. Between 2-6wks you should see the final results it all depends on how your skin heals and how well it retains the pigment x

  • Hi, I had my eyebrows microbladed 14 days ago, I have followed the aftercare to the letter and yes mine are also very faded now and patchy. I am wondering about the aftercare vitamin A+D ointment I was told to use as this is petroleum based and lots of sites say absolutely not to use anything petroleum based in the healing process as petroleum causes skin reactions and makes you scab more and loose the pigment. My makeup lady said to not use any oils to heal apart from this cream she gave me, yet other sites recommend using grape seed oil! I am at a loss as to what to use. I have my touch up in 4 weeks and want to be sure I will use the best cream or oil in the second healing process that will give the eyebrows the strongest chance of staying in place. What do you recommend please?

    • Hi Ali, it’s surprising how much the colour fades after the first treatment as it’s about embedding the pigment under the skin and then topping it up and refining it with the second treatment. Personally I’ve always used a vitamin ointment given to me by my technician and haven’t had a problem with it. Baring in mind everybody has different skin types and tones and pigment will sit better in some than others I think it’s a case of trial and error to find what works best for you. Please let me know what you choose and how your results turn out x

  • Hi i had my brows micro bladed 3 days ago and i hate them. I feel sick and cant bear to look at them. They are so thick and dark. When the technician and i discussed it prior to the treatment she said she wouldn’t go to big as i only have a small face so i trusted her. She also seems to have gone above my natural eyebrow in a big to give me an arch. They look like thick pencilled on lines. The technician has told me not to panic as they will shrink and fade. I particular do not like the shape. It seems she has given me thick eyebrows which are the’ fashion’ when i just wanted my own to be a better shape, not a complete brand new shape, just a subtle change. I have been so upset i have wet them in a bid to get rid as i have to go to work this week and feel completely humiliated. I went to a technician with a good reputation and i paid a lot of money as i did not want to risk anything less than the best on my face. I cannot believe i feel so panicked.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your brows. Did you get to see them pencilled on before the treatment began to check the shape and size? When they’re freshly tattoo’d they’re always very dark until they heal so they can seem more bold and prominent than they will be which can be shocking. Have you spoken with your technician since? x

      • H Tracy thank-you for the response.
        She drawed them on first but told me not to freak as she would be doing inside the brow lines she had drawn on so they wouldn’t be as big. These comments led me to believe she knew i did not want big! However i think now i should have actually told her i did not want thick eyebrows instead of assuming she would know the best shape for me.
        Anyway they are going through a new phase now, this is day 7, they are patchy and scabby, but they still look black. I had been putting savlon on them as the technician suggested but today i have been using Vaseline. They are looking a real mess, i am hoping over Christmas they heal. I wont be in any Christmas pictures though thats a fact.
        The technician told me not to panic she said they would shrink and the colour would fade, and that they will settle down. I really am hoping they will.
        Thank you Tracy

        • I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s always best to make sure the technician knows exactly what you want prior to treatment and ask to look at previous clients before and after photos to know what to expect and choose your shape and style. I know your brows are not what you wanted at the moment but after they have healed and you get used to them you may start to like them. My natural brows are far shorter and straighter than my SPMU brows and to start with they seemed so big, dark and obvious but now I’d never be without them because they’ve balanced my face perfectly when I never could, it’s all down to the skill of the technician. I wish you all the best and hope that you’ll keep us updated on your progress x

    • I feel exactly the same after having powder brows, they look so black and artificial (supposed to be medium brown). You said you wet them, did it make any difference in removing? I think I will try saline removal after healing, but I really just want it gone now and not sure what to do with them!

      • Hi, they have settled down patchy and i think this is due to wetting them. I wish i hadnt of panicked now as they are significantly lighter then they were the first week. I am still not entirely happy with the shape but now i know what to expect, i can tell the technician how to retweek them when i go for my top up, and i shall just have a week off work to save the humiliation of going out with thick black eyebrows which i know wont look right until the scabs have dropped off at least a week later. My only suggestion to anyone thinking of having their eyebrows done is to tell your technician what shape you are hoping to have, instead of assuming they will know. I think she thought thick brows may have been for me, and they are not.

        • Thank you Stephanie for your post. I have just had my brows done and I look like a cross between an angry bird and Ursula from the little mermaid. I will wait it out though trusting that they will fade (and shrink). Thanks for sharing your experience as it’s helped me get through mine.

    • Hi Stephanie, I had mine done just over 3 weeks ago and I felt the same as you. That they were too big, too dark and just not me. I was panicking too, I was so ashamed and didn’t know how I would cope looking like an “angry bird” .
      However just over 3 weeks later and now the scabs have lifted and the pigment is showing through the new skin, they look awesome! They are much, much, narrower, much more of a natural colour. They look so good and I have had people asking me how I do my eyebrows as they admire how good they look.
      I still have to go back for my 2nd appointment to retouch as I do have some parts that are more faded and guess what? I want her to do a few darker hair strokes into my brows now to make them more defined, I never would have thought I would feel that way a couple of weeks ago.
      I genuinely felt just as you do, but I promise you, once the scabs go and the new skin comes through, your eyebrows will look amazing and extremely natural, just give it time, trust me!

      • Thank-you so much. Finally i am at that stage too, the black drawn on lines have disappeared and like you say they are a lot lighter. I
        ‘m still not sure of the shape but i can go out the house now without feeling like a clown. I have found there are patches missing too. It may be because in my panic i wet them, hopefully when i go back for my touch up i can get them sorted. At least i know now that i was panicking over nothing, when i have my touch up i may book a few days off work and stay hibernating in the house lol. Thank you for your kind words it was a very worrying time.

  • Hi Tracy

    I enjoyed reading you and it eased my panicking state. Bare with me please as my english/written is not perfect.
    I had a microblading treatment 6 days ago (I have dark complexion). Day 1 of treatment : I liked the shape and all just not the to light color of the result wile practicer used the darkest color (dark brown) I also didnt NO limphique liquid coming out like she said it would. Day 2 : brows are darker for me it has the desired color I’d like to obtain in end result but I just know better as Ive been warned it will lose 30 to 50% of the color. Day 3: I started my treatment with a desinficter and vaseline as advised (normally 3x/day but I did 1x) … and than the problem started. It became very itchy I couldn’t stand it thats why I used vaseline and desinfecter 1x that day. Day 4: very itchy and I panicked when I woke up with a lil part that peeled of cause I was wondering if I scratched it of duribg sleep. Day 5: still itchy but continu with treatment desinf. and vaseline. Day 6: very itchy but keep holding on. Day 7: today I woke up shocked and panicked as I found my finger scratching the microblading treatment as I was affraid of (scratching during sleep). It looks like nothing and the centre I did the treament is in holiday till 6/01/2017. I dont see the line definition I was so proud of in begin as I really dont have no eyebrows 😢. Im panicked I spend money for nothing as I feel I messed up everything during sleep. Will I still have result in 30days? My second retouch appointment is in februari. Wile there remain not much of the scub nor effect of treatment I still put vaseline and desinfecter… am I losing my time? I hope Ill still have result. A happy New Year 2017 to all.

  • I had my eyebrows done on Friday (it’s now Sunday) so I’m on day 2 of healing. Actually freaking out because the tech did way too many lines my eyebrows almost look like they were coloured in not micro bladed (cry face) they are thick and black and I have blonde hair (cry face again) I am crossing my fingers and toes that they settle down in the next week and look slightly more natural I am not leaving my house with these current eyebrows. I’ve had microblading done before but the tech was amazing and I remember freaking out that time also due to the colour but there wasn’t as many hair strokes that time. They healed amazingly, I really hope the extra hair strokes this time do settle and don’t look so blocked in.

  • Hi, i had my eyebrows micro bladed two days ago and am happy, however the manager of the salon told me to come back for the top up after three weeks exactly, as their technician is going on holiday to Russia. Do you think this will be detrimental to the final outcome/ result? Thanks

  • I had my eyebrows microbladed 2 days ago and all is going well until I fell asleep and it started to itch and I unconsciously scratched at my brow and a piece of the scab came off and now it looks like I have a bald spot.

  • Had my eyebrows done nano bladed one eyebrow is completely wrong and my face looks wonky how long till it completely disappears if I don’t retouch

  • I had my eyeliner done 5 days ago and was told not to use anything on it at for healing ,is this normal, they look and feel fine but worried I may lose more pigment as they were not kept moist ?

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