Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition Pixie Lott Daily Cleansing & Exfoliation Brush

My cleansing routine leaves much to be desired, as each evening I remove my makeup with a simple face wipe before brushing my teeth and going to bed. I have combination dry to oily skin with a frustrating breakout of spots around my chin like clockwork with each period, and I generally feel that my face is tired, either dry, greasy or never fully clean. I would love to have one of those TV advert moments where gorgeous women swing their hair around in the shower and scream “WOW!” for how fresh and naturally glamourous they look and feel; although as a single mother to my two children, with late nights, dry skin, cracked foundation and harsh central heating, my skin is more Pampers than pampered right now and I pull out every trick in the book to cover my skin with makeup and hide my imperfections.

Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition Pixie Lott Daily Cleansing & Exfoliation Brush

Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition Pixie Lott Daily Cleansing & Exfoliation Brush

The cute Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition by Pixie Lott is incredibly easy to use, with a simple on/off button controlling two cleansing settings of a daily cleanse or sensitive mode indicated by a light; claiming to create softer, brighter and clearer looking skin in just seven days, it works alongside your existing cleanser to rid the skin of impurities, unclog pores and prevent breakouts of spots. There is a funky magnetic wireless travel charger which pings onto the handle and makes a light flash whilst charging, remaining constant when ready. The Limited Edition Pixie Lott set comes beautifully boxed in bright pink and white with a hot pink Magnitone Lucid handset, a headband, an active clean brush head, a wireless charger, European travel plug attachment and instruction booklet.

The brush head comes already attached with a clip on clear cover, as the handset is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. If you want to remove the head for cleaning simply grip it tightly and turn it anti-clockwise for 1/3 of a turn until the head comes loose and you can pull it off. The head I am using is the inclusive active clean brush, with the sensitive and silk bliss luxury heads sold separately. Having allowed my handset to charge for 24hrs before my first use, it now has enough life to last for a staggering two weeks of use, perfect for taking on holiday or ridding the bathroom of those unsightly plugs and tangled chargers.

I start by rinsing my face with warm water at the sink and wetting the waterproof brush head, before applying a basic cleanser directly to my face, although soap would also be fine. If you want to create a lather you can add more soap or lotion to your face or brush head during cleansing. The handset provides 10,000 pulsed oscillations per minute with a gentle and effective cleaning and exfoliating action compared to hand washing alone, and it’s all thanks to the active electromagnetic technology working together with your existing cleaners, moisturisers and lotions to enhance the absorption of the products into the skin. Which in short means cleaner and more healthy looking skin in just a minute each day. The heads are soft and gentle making them suitable for all skin types on a daily basis, including dry or sensitive which is fantastic for me as I usually have to avoid the majority of exfoliating products and treatments on the market.

It is recommended that you change the Magnitone cleansing brush regularly, as the head will start to discolour and the bristles will splay within around three months of use, very much like a toothbrush, you need to maintain it in order to produce the best results. Literally the handset does everything for you, as once you turn it on and choose your setting of daily cleanse or sensitive mode, a zonal timer then kicks in and beeps when it’s time to move to the next area of the face. Gliding the super soft brush over my face in a circular motion I begin with my forehead and brow, the bristles are surprisingly glossy, feeling more like nuzzling your face into a sumptuous bed pillow rather than an exfoliator, and I love the gentle buzzing sensation massaging my skin. After 20secs the timer beeps and I then move onto my cheeks for 10secs each, beeping again I spend a final 20secs on my nose and chin and the handset automatically switches itself off. How delightfully easy it to use. I finish the cleanse by rinsing my face with warm water and patting dry with a towel before applying my moisturisers and it absorbs beautifully into my skin leaving it feeling incredibly fresh and alive.

To clean the head I run it under warm water and wipe it dry with my towel, resting it on its side to allow the bristles to dry off completely before replacing the clear cap cover and popping it into my beauty bag as there is no need to use a cleaner or chemicals on the handset. You can remove the head and soak the handset in water if any residue or debris gather, always allow the brush head to dry fully before replacing the cap. There is no better preparation for each day than having perfectly cleansed and healthy skin that allows makeup to sit perfectly without caking, cracking or harbouring blocked pores and spots. The electromagnetic pulsations send rapid vibrations into the skin to unclog pores and sweep away dry and dead skin cells, effortlessly revealing a clearer complexion whilst allowing your skin to better absorb your favourite skincare products.

Also available in sunshine yellow or dazzling blue, the Magnitone Lucid is an incredible beauty find that makes a very welcome addition to my skincare routine. My nose is no longer glossy and shiny from grease, my cheeks don’t feel dry and hard from dead skin and my chin isn’t tender and bumpy from clogged pores and spots building under the skin, instead my face is fresh, clear and baby-soft, like stroking a peach. My makeup sits flawlessly and my skin is literally glowing with health and vibrance. Much like polishing a pair of your best shoes, with a little extra TLC you can achieve the best results taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. Priced at £69.99, the Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition by Pixie Lott is now so much more important to me than my foundation.
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