Desirable Body Pina Colada Skinny Shake

There is never a time of year when we don’t want our bodies to be in shape. In the summer we strive for a killer bikini body, and in the winter we fight against delicious puddings and incredibly calorific cuisine. In my 27yrs of eating, and as a single parent to my 7yr old and 2yr old, I have discovered that dieting is seriously hard, but partying surprisingly isn’t! Therefore, the Pina Colada Diet by Desirable Body is something I have absolutely no problem sticking to.

Desirable Body Pina Colada Skinny Shake

Desirable Body Pina Colada Skinny Shake

I am a huge fan of pina coladas which frequent my iced cocktail glass throughout the summer. The sweet pineapple fruitness teamed with smooth and creamy coconut is mouthwateringly refreshing, uplifting and moreish transporting my taste buds to a tropical beach; only this drink contains no alcohol. Because unlike alcohol, Desirable Body have used a pina colada to actually help you to achieve the body of your dreams, providing you with a skinny ultra premium protein shake on the go, as you simply add water, shake and drink wherever you are. The shake itself works as a delicious and nutritious meal replacement so there is no need to calorie count or portion control, as it is low in fat, high in protein and contains 20 amino acids which support lean muscles and aid in recovery, perfect as a before or after workout drink and essential for vegetarians to supplement a healthy diet. Typically for lunch I reach for the bread, either a cheese sandwich and fruit or soup with a baguette which bloats me out and binds up my digestion, so it makes a massive difference to drink a nutritional shake instead which takes seconds to make.

Each 60g bottle is suitable for vegetarians and comes sealed with 30g of premium protein within the loose powder making it feather light to pop into your handbag or take to the gym with you. The line at the top of the label indicates how far to fill with water, for which you replace the cap and give it a good shake to mix and drink when you are ready for it. It is smooth, delicious and highly satisfying, feeling more like a naughty treat rather than a very well behaved dieting aid. Much like sneaking off in your lunch break to have a cheeky glass of wine with lunch, sipping on a pina colada at my desk is simply divine and leaves me satisfied at mealtimes without cravings, whilst also being light on the pocket, as they cost half the price of a pack lunch.

But if a pina colada isn’t your tipple of choice then fear not, as the sensational shakes are also available in Cookies & Cream and Raspberry flavours too.  And if Desirable Body haven’t already spoilt us enough, they also offer free delivery, free returns and a multi-buy discount. After drinking my pina coladas for a week in place of my lunch, I feel so much healthier, my stomach is less bloated, my appetite is suppressed, I am consuming more fluids which give me energy and clearer skin, and when it comes to dinner time instead of being starving hungry I find that I feel fuller sooner with a smaller portion as I’m not constantly stretching my stomach to bursting point as a bottomless pit. Not only do my shakes fill me with sunshine on a cold and dreary day, but each one takes me one step closer towards my ideal body. What’s not to love about that!?

The pina colada shakes cost just £2.65 each, if you buy 6 the cost reduces to £2.45 each and for 12 they are £1.95 each which you can purchase here!
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