Majique Gold, Silver & Rose Gold Knot Ring Set

My hands have a strange ability to look like trotters when they are bare but suddenly transform into beautiful slender pinkies as soon as I slip on some jewellery. I don’t think that any formal outfit is entirely dressed without wearing a ring and so this Majique trio leaves me absolutely spoilt for choice.

Majique Gold, Silver & Rose Gold Knot Ring Set

Majique Gold, Silver & Rose Gold Knot Ring Set

Rose gold is my jewellery crush at the moment and has become massively fashionable these past few years, as has clashing metals. Despite this being a trio of rings you have the choice to wear them all at once or one at a time as they can indeed suit three very different looks or be split into three individual gifts for loved ones if you’re particularly thrifty and happen to know a family with triplets!

Here I am wearing my trio of Majique rings together and I love how they compliment one another. Crafted into a fluid knot shape they remind me of hearts, infinity and my favourite snack of pretzels. With such understated elegance I adore how they transform my hand and leave me looking down at them as they sparkle and twinkle in the light and I feel very special wearing them. I have rather slender fingers and these rings only fit my largest middle finger for width which suits me fine as I’m single and don’t like to wear rings on my ring finger. Majique have a wonderful selection of jewellery and accessories to suit all tastes and budgets and are fast becoming one of my favourite brands!
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