Muscle Food Dr Zak’s Multigrain & Seed Protein Bagels

Bagels are the epitome of the bread kingdom, and they’re such a funky and fashionable way to take carbs. Gone are the days of choosing between thick or thin sliced white loaves, as we’re now we’re spoilt for choice with crumpets, muffins, panini’s and breakfast wraps in white, wholemeal, seeded or 50/50. However Muscle Food have totally shaken up the breakfast menu by producing protein friendly bagels that contain a whopping 40% less carbs, hallelujah praise my wasitline!

Muscle Food Dr Zak's Multigrain & Seed Protein Bagels

Muscle Food Dr Zak’s Multigrain & Seed Protein Bagels

I have a bit of a ritual about the way that I cook my bagels, as they have the ability to take on a variety of tastes and textures depending on how you prepare them and what you top them with. I start by slicing my bagels in half down the centre so that I have two semi-cicular wheels, and I toast them under the grill on a medium heat for a few minutes until they’re a dark golden brown colour without burning. I only cook the inside of my bagels because this part turns beautifully crunchy and crisp like a cracker bread and it’s seriously delicious.

Only toasting the middle also means that the top side of the bagel remains fluffy and squishy like a muffin, and when you bite into it you get a wonderful mix of textures, along with the contrast and creaminess of the mixed seeds too. If you like your bagels light and fluffy then toast them inside and out on a low heat until they turn a light golden brown, or pop them in the toaster on the lowest setting.

Unlike most health food alternatives, these bagels taste amazing and nothing like cardboard or dust. Rather than feeling guilty when I eat them, because I know they’re supporting my healthy diet and fitness I can actually enjoy every bite without undoing my hard work and results at the gym. Each bagel is baked lovingly in the UK under expert nutritionalist guidance, containing 24g of protein each whilst being is high in fibre and low in sugar. I love tearing my bagels up and dipping them in olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a mid morning snack, and for lunch they work great with freshly sliced vine tomatoes, cucumber and black pepper. For a meat alternative you could top them with fresh salmon or sliced chicken, or even peanut butter and fruit if you’ve got a sweet tooth. And if you can’t eat them all at once then don’t worry because they can be frozen too. A fist pump for Muscle Food!

I also have some exciting discount codes you can use too: Enter KISS1 at the checkout to get FREE chicken in your order.
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