MyProtein Whole Wheat Protein Breadsticks

I’m a total carboholic – yes it is a word because I say so! I literally live on brown rice, roast potatoes and wholegrains and love a good handful of popcorn, tortillas and crackers with my evening cup of green tea, but sadly such treats aren’t kind to my waistline and are rather wasted and empty calories. Thankfully MyProtein have made snacking and cheat-day all the more desirable with these protein packed breadsticks and now my life is complete!

MyProtein Protein Breadsticks

MyProtein Whole Wheat Protein Breadsticks

The protein breadsticks contain 31% protein sourced from soy protein isolate and are available in both whole wheat and classic; I really enjoy a good whole wheat so I couldn’t resist giving these badboys a try. Not only are they high in protein but also low in sugar making them the perfect snack for on the go or as a side to go with homemade dips and soups. Nom nom nom!

Each 25g serving provides over 7g of protein which is vital for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and because they use soy protein isolate instead of whey it makes them suitable for both vegetarians and vegans too – huge thumbs up. So why have breadsticks instead of just another protein shake each day? For me it’s my cravings, that little sense of naughtiness that is in actual fact nice and healthy for you but feels like it shouldn’t be. When I’m working out I really focus on what I eat and I sadly deny myself the large portion sizes of naughty food that I would normally have when I’m not watching my love-handles, but this way I can get in shape, feel great and still have a little of the foods that I fancy and love. And when I’ve curbed my cravings then it stops me from going to the treat cupboard to find sugar-packed, unhealthy supermarket junk that will undo my fitness results in seconds. As a vegan I struggle to get enough protein in my diet as I haven’t eaten meat since I was five so having a high protein snack is ideal for my muscle recovery and kills two birds with one stone for my cravings.

The whole wheat breadsticks are moreishly crisp and crunchy, nicely dense and more artisanal with their baguette-like shape and natural rolled surface rather than the perfect looking light and puffy breadsticks found in supermarkets. These really had a bit of bite to them, a texture that you can crunch your teeth into and feel fiendishly satisfied without the guilt. I’m just wondering how much a lifetime supply would cost from MyProtein because these sticks taste immense with homemade salsa.
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