The Elf On The Shelf

Being a single parent to my two young children, Millisent 8yrs and Gabriele 3yrs, I go all out to make every occasion as memorable and special as possible, with Christmas undoubtedly being the most incredible time of the year for celebrating love, family and making childhood magical. Over the years we have adopted many family traditions from sewing homemade advent calendars to collecting gingerbread men, leaving milk and cookies out for Santa and posting Christmas lists; so when I spotted The Elf On The Shelf I couldn’t wait to bring her home to meet the family.

The Elf On The Shelf

The Elf On The Shelf

The Elf On The Shelf is a self-publishing phenomenon that started in America by mother and daughter duo Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell based on their own family tradition and is coming to the UK this Christmas with official adoption centres springing up in select locations throughout England allowing Santa’s beloved scout elves from the North Pole to be adopted by families. The enchanting seasonal box includes a beautifully illustrated hardback children’s book and a scout elf for which you can choose either a girl or a boy, we have adopted a little girl elf and she is absolutely adorable.

You may not know but Santa’s scout elves are very important and help him to manage his naughty and nice lists by cheerfully perching on shelves and cubby holes to keep watch of the children; thanks to their magic the scout elves can report back to Santa every night by flying back to the North Pole and telling him all about their adventures. When the scout elf is done they quickly fly back home and perch somewhere else to quietly keep watch of the children and it’s wonderfully fun for my daughter and son to wake up and race around the house trying to find where the scout elf has landed each morning. They’re also on their best behaviour because they know that the scout elf is watching and taking note and I’m certainly appreciating their extra helpfulness and kindness. What a lovely tradition The Elf On The Shelf is and one that we will celebrate for many years to come in the Kiss household.
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