Orchard Toys Children’s Shopping List Memory Game

I adore buying my children fun and educational games to play at home on a rainy day without a battery, screen or noisy gadget in sight. It takes me back to my childhood to see flashcards, boardgames and cards and it’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together as a family thanks to the wonderful collection of Orchard Toys.

Orchard Toys Children's Shopping List Memory Game

Orchard Toys Children’s Shopping List Memory Game

Orchard Toys is a treasure trove of fun puzzles and games for children of all ages with something to suit every taste and learning requirement. This particular game is based upon completing a shopping list whilst improving children’s memory and matching skills, personal and social skills and encouraging observational skills. Suitable for ages 3-7yrs and 2-4 players the game involves selecting a shopping trolley or basket along with a list of items and taking it in turns to turn over the tiles and match them to your list; a mixture of snap meets bingo for little ones.

This has been one of Orchard Toy’s best sellers for over ten years and won the Gold Mother & Baby award in 2013 and it’s clear to see why. Priced at a very reasonable £7.50 it’s both purse and single-parent family friendly too. My daughter Millie is 7yrs and my son Gabriele is 3yrs which just so happen to be the upper and lower age limits for the game and they both equally enjoyed playing.

Millie says “It was really good because it was a memory game where you need to find things. I used the ipad shopping list to choose from because it’s like my ipad that I have. It was fun playing with my little brother because he picked out random things from the shopping and I saw where they were and put them in my basket.”

Gabriele loved matching the items to his list and lining them up in his trolley, he found it incredibly exciting and at one point jumped onto the table to turn over the item he knew that he was looking for! It’s lovely to see the children having fun and giggling whilst improving their skills and learning. Orchard Toys always have the most wonderfully illustrated and beautifully printed child friendly images on super thick card, perfect for little fingers and the pieces packs neatly away into their sturdy box to keep them safe and tidy. Now I wonder if they’ll be as excited about accompanying me to Tesco’s for the weekly food shop?

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