Diesel Livier Ankle SP 0605V Jegging

So jeans are that one item of clothing that you can never have too many of, as there are so many cuts, styles, fits and colours to choose from. A good pair of jeans has the ability to make or break your day, hugging and holding you in all of the right places to create some killer curves but a cheap or badly shaped pair can take you from goddess to goblin in two seconds flat with unsightly squish and bulges. Thankfully this is not the case with Diesel’s gorgeous Livier ankle jeggings.

Diesel Livier Ankle SP 0605V Jegging

Diesel Livier Ankle SP 0605V Jegging

Is it a crime that I don’t know my jeans size? I know there are always width and lengths that you measure by but every pair seem to fit me differently and I secretly think that different designers use different ideals when sizing. As I’m bodybuilding at the moment my muscular thighs and bum are rock solid and a far cry from the scrawny sparrow legs that I would usually have. So I took a few pairs of these jeans into the fitting room to trial-and-error my way through each, and just like Cinderella I emerged with these before midnight!

I’m a UK8 and started off with a W30 which was huge around my waist and hung off of me, so the sales assistant fetched a W29 and W28 for which the W28 got stuck under my bum when I tried to shoehorn myself into them, and the W29 that I chose are ever so slightly loose around my waist but fit my legs, so perhaps I’ll wear them with a belt or just wait until Christmas when I eat myself silly. I really thought that these were skinny jeans based on the fact that they look and feel like jeans and have a zip fastening and double button, but the store says that they are jeggings, a cross between jeans and leggings so I’ll take their word for it! The jeans are made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane giving them a gentle stretch and a beautiful soft finish that allows you to lunge and jump about without being restricted.

Fashion has steered towards high-waisted bottoms for the past year or so now as a fab and trendy way to conceal stomachs and flatten bulges, but these low-waisted beauties are a breath of fresh air finishing just above my underwear line, I almost forgot how incredible it feels to bend over without a waistband digging into my stomach. The jeans are a really pretty light blue colour that look so cute with white converse or a plain t-shirt for smart casual daywear, and of course they have the iconic Diesel logo stitched to the front pocket. Although the pockets are fake and stitched closed which is a deliberate design feature to slim down the hips by removing bulk, the shorter length leg allows for a little skin to be revealed at the ankle to bring attention to your shoes, marry me now! Priced at £120 from Diesel I love the urban edginess of these jeans and they’re easily my new favourite casuals.

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