Orchard Toys Woodland Party Puzzle

I’m a huge fan of Orchard Toys and their range of educational games and puzzles for little ones. As a busy mother of two I crave activities without batteries, bells and flashing lights for a moment of peace and quiet whilst I’m cooking the dinner or tending to chores. I used to love doing puzzles as a child and I’m so pleased that my children enjoy them so much too!

Orchard Toys Woodland Party Puzzle

Orchard Toys Woodland Party Puzzle

Here is my three year old son Gabriele doing the Woodland Party puzzle recommended for 4-7yr olds which features a whopping 70 brightly coloured thick jigsaw pieces depicting a delightful enchanted woodland. Filled with foxes and badgers, ducks, frogs, rabbits, owls, mice, a mole, deer and cheerful creatures the cartoon children merrily dance to music, eat a picnic, draw pictures, dress up and play hide and seek across the 61x42cm giant puzzle.

As the pieces are smooth and chunky they’re perfect for Gabriele to pick up, rotate and place and something I really love about Orchard Toys is their talkabout tasks on the box to encourage children to learn and communicate with questions such as: “Why is the frog holding his nose?” “Find me a piece with a square edge.” “Can you find something beginning with m?” “I-Spy…” “Who is hiding in the tree?” “How many carrot cupcakes can you count?” Gabriele loves answering questions and talking about the animals, his favourite part being the little girl and badger hiding in the tree. This puzzle also helps to assist in manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination as well as encouraging imagination, reinforcing counting skills, promoting observation and discussion and supporting imaginative play.

Gabriele loves his new Orchard Toys Woodland Party puzzle and he hasn’t stopped playing with it all morning, if you’re looking for a way to keep your angels busy whilst learning then why not surprise them with a puzzle!

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