Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs Womens Blend

Every woman faces the monthly joust against Mother Nature and the menace that is menstruation. Ever since my periods began as a young teenager I’ve faced the worst cramps, heavy bleeding, back ache, lack of energy and breakout of spots with my cycle, and it doesn’t help that I have a hormone imbalance that shakes my emotions and takes away my periods altogether for months on end whenever it feels like it. I’ve searched high and low for a natural remedy to ease my menstrual complaints, and after years of trying everything, I’m so happy to have discovered Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs and their amazing Womens Blend.

Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs Womens Blend

Plantify TwentyFirstCentuaryHerbs Womens Blend

Common complaints for women’s health typically range from PMS and period pains to menopause. And with thirty years of experience in herbal medicine the Womens Blend is a 100% natural, safe and gentle formula providing effective results in a short space of time without the fear of side effects and harmful additives. It’s recommended that you take between two to four capsules daily for which I hedged my last cycle on three capsules each day, one with each meal and a glass of water. The capsules are vegan and vegetarian friendly which is fantastic as a life long vegetarian I avoid capsules made from animal fats. They are nicely smooth and easy to swallow with no nasty aftertaste, and they made the biggest difference to my cycle.

I always have such a horrible downward pressure in my lady zone when I get my period, and I find that I visit the toilet very frequently to pass a loose stool with almost every tampon change because of the horrible cramps. Sorry for the mental image there, but us ladies have such a hard time of things don’t we. When taking Womens Blend I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I normally would, it took the ache out of my stomach and my visits to the toilet were briefer and far easier to say the least. Because I didn’t feel as though I’d been hit so badly by the monthly Mother Nature bus, my energy levels were higher, I felt happier and I was more able to go about my day with my period as an afterthought rather than at the forefront of everything I do.

The blend is targeted towards PMS, period pains, moodiness, menopause, cramps, hormonal imbalance, breast tenderness and regulating sex hormones; through using natural ingredients such as wild yam as a muscle relaxant to help with period pains and stomach cramps, agnus castus to soothe nervous tension, mood swings and insomnia, and blank cohosh having a naturally asprin-like effect upon the female reproductive organs to treat migraines, lower back and breast pain it gets a massive thumbs up from this womb-tortured menstruating mother. Priced at just £21.95 for 60 capsules from Plantify there is currently 20% off making this my new monthly best friend.
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