W7 Toasted Eyeshadow Palette And Loads Of Lashes

The eyes are said to be the window to the soul, and with a little help from some beautifully applied quality makeup they can dazzle rather than disappear. As I have a fair complexion, dark blonde hair and fine lashes, earthen  shades, chocolates, golds and brown work best against my blue eyes, and mascara really brings out the shape and volume to my naturally light lashes.

W7 Cosmetics

W7 Cosmetics

When wearing makeup I feel that less is more, as the bolder you go with a look the more you then have to dress up the rest of your face. For example, if you go for thick dark brows you then have to have a striking lip and definitive eyeliner to balance it out, or your other features will disappear and look odd; before you know it you’ve caked your entire face and look like Coco The Clown’s cousin. So I find when I’m wearing natural and minimal makeup people are more welcoming to me, I don’t look like I’m trying too hard and I don’t have the hassle of constantly checking a mirror to see if my makeup has moved or hide away from the wind and the rain. With carefully applied products we can come closer to natural beauty.

Here I have used the W7 Toasted Eyeshadow Palette featuring four roasted beige to brown shades which have a beautiful shimmer to them. I have selected the three most subtle shades to the left of the palette, with the middle being on my lid, the lightest on the outer socket and inner eye to lift, and the darkest in the crease of my socket to add depth. You can see that I’m wearing a pretty brown colour to bring out the blue of my eyes, but it isn’t slapped on with a trowel or in danger of caking and cracking into the skin and looking ageing. A light eyeshadow adds a touch of colour, sparkle and elegance and subtly enhances the shape and definition of the eye socket because less is definitely more.

I am also wearing the W7 Loads Of Lashes which are tiny pieces of fibre that you apply with your favourite mascara to build up your lashes to make them appear thicker, fuller and naturally lengthened. To apply the Loads Of Lashes I first apply my regular mascara, before combing the fibres onto the wet lashes with the wand and finishing with a top coat of mascara. The more layers you apply the more fibres build up on the lashes and the longer and thicker they will look as a result. Here I have used just one layer of fibres which have thickened the base of my lashes and added length in a very natural way, so you wouldn’t think I’d done anything to them. My fine and light natural lashes always disappear around my eyes until I apply mascara, and stick on strip lashes always lift off and curl which is why I avoid them at all costs. To be able to build up natural lashes without causing damage or looking like a drag queen is fantastic, as you can choose how many layers to apply for the look that you desire.

I have finished my look with a pink lipstick and freshly washed unstraightened hair. The beauty of makeup is that when it’s applied carefully it can highlight your best features and bring out the natural tones of your eyes, hair and skin. If you apply too much makeup it can easily have the opposite effect, cracking and making you look old, smudging and gathering under the eye and around the mouth, and running if you get too hot or wet in the rain. Makeup isn’t a mask, it’s a highlighter to pick out your features and make the best of them whilst still looking like you, and W7 does exactly that.

The Toasted eyeshadow Palette costs £5.95 and the Loads Of Lashes £4.95 from W7 Cosmetics. What are your beauty must haves? 

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