Flawless Whitening Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

When I have a bright white smile I feel so much happier and healthier, as white teeth always seem to make my eyes look bright and my skin more tanned no matter the time of year. After having my teeth straightened with braces and perfectly aligned I couldn’t wait to have them whitened to achieve the perfect smile, and Flawless Whitening were just the people to achieve that!

Flawless Whitening Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Flawless Whitening Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Now teeth whitening can be seen in one of two ways, either it’s incredibly attractive, celebrity inspired and glamourous, or it’s dangerous and painful as peroxide can destroy your teeth enamel and leave your gums blistered. The first time that I had my teeth whitened a few years years ago I absolutely hated it. I had a mobile beautician visit me at home to have a UV whitening treatment in the hope of lifting my milky-yellow coloured teeth to a whiter shade, and from start to finish it was absolute hell. As with any whitening treatment a protective gel is applied to the gum line to ensure that only the surface of the tooth comes into contact with the whitening, but if this isn’t carefully aligned then the product can escape and the gums will burn and blister which really isn’t pleasant, as it left me with large white sores on my gums which hurt to eat or speak.

And because the peroxide was so strong it made my teeth feel incredibly painful, much like a shooting pain or stitch when you walk, it felt like the nerves in my teeth were being pinched and burned and I had shooting pains throughout my teeth which didn’t stop despite the treatment being over. I was advised to use a sensitive toothpaste but I still couldn’t stand to eat hot food or drink cool drinks for days on end and I vowed never to have a whitening treatment again.

However at Flawless Whitening I was extremely pleased with my treatment and results as none of the horror stories or bad memories from before applied to todays method. Flawless Whitening is the only one of its kind available in the UK, as owner Jodie sources her super safe non-peroxide solution directly from Beverly Hills in America. Whilst holidaying in the sunshine she came across a clinic that was filled to bursting point, with every customer leaving with a dazzling white smile and was curious to know what went on. The owner agreed to ship the treatment over to the UK so that Jodie could use it on her clients and has achieved the most incredible results that are both safe and long lasting.

As with any procedure, diet or exercise, everything should be done in moderation, so Jodie will only perform a treatment for a maximum of 40minutes to ensure that the teeth are never damaged or uncomfortable, and the result is a brilliantly white smile without any side effects or symptoms. With a single treatment having the ability to lift the whiteness of your smile by a whopping twelve shades it’s no wonder that Flawless Whitening are the go-to teeth whitening providers in Essex, the county that is incredibly famous for its glamour, opulence and luxury. Jodie began by inserting a mouth guard into mouth to keep my mouth open and teeth dry throughout the treatment, this was a clear oval shaped piece of plastic which slipped under my lips and held them safely out of the way. It was smooth and comfortable but made talking hilarious as I felt like an extra from Wallace and Gromit sitting in the chair grinning with all of my teeth on show.

Once my teeth were wiped dry Jodie then applied a protective blue gel to my gum line with a syringe to stop the whitening from touching my gums. She set this in place using a UV light which turned the gel to a hard plastic-like material held perfectly in place. The whitening was then applied with a swab which was a clear gel-like substance that Jodie painted across the front of my teeth top and bottom, before the UV light was pulled into position shining directly onto my teeth for twenty minutes whilst I wore a pair of red protective glasses.

Jodie asked me if I was comfortable, if my teeth hurt or stang at all and if I wanted to stop at any point then all I had to do was say so. I was able to comically answer her with my super huge fixed grin and say that I was absolutely fine and very relaxed and happy to continue with the treatment, as I had no pain or discomfort at all. The UV light shines bright blue onto the teeth, activating the whitening gel and removing the stains. When carried out professionally you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort, the teeth don’t sting and there is no heat or burning at all. After twenty minutes Jodie switched off the UV light and wiped down my teeth to remove the whitening, before drying them off, reapplying the treatment and then setting the UV light for a further twenty minutes.

I was expecting to feel some sort of sensitivity towards the end of the treatment, but was very pleasantly surprised to be pain free throughout. Once my forty minutes were over Jodie removed the UV light for the final time and used a pronged tool to lift the blue gel from my gum line which lifted off in a solid wiggly shaped piece. She then gave me a glass of cool water to rinse my mouth and remove any remaining product, which again I was expecting to cause a sharp stabbing pain to my teeth but it made no difference at all and I happily swished and swirled the water around my mouth and wiped my lips with a tissue after. And it really was as easy and simple as that, I’m incredibly impressed with the experience and results and it goes to show that visiting a professional who uses such high quality products in the correct dosage and duration is far safer than playing with dangerous peroxides or back-street bodgers who destroy your teeth.

In order to maintain a bright white smile following treatment, the best thing you can do is brush your teeth properly, ideally after each meal to prevent staining but at the very least twice a day. Obviously food and drink with a strong colour are the worst at causing stains, with red wine and caffeine being especially bad. When teeth are kept clean they are less likely to stain and the sparkling white results will last far longer. Whitening toothpastes also contain a low concentration of bleaching agent that helps to oxidise any new stains from the teeth, as after your teeth are perfectly white from treatment you don’t want them to discolour again and undo the results. Frequent smoking and the consumption of alcohol can reverse the effects of teeth whitening as wine contains tannins that stain the teeth, as will the nicotine in tobacco. But if you can’t quit completely then cutting back will help to slow the staining process, it all really depends on how long you want your results to last and how particular you are with your hygiene. If you drink fizzy drinks or iced tea then try to use a straw to minimise the contact of the staining tannins on your teeth, and your flawless new smile will stay whiter for longer.

I am over the moon with my results as my teeth are now the whitest on the chart, making them the best that they can be, and it’s all thanks to Flawless Whitening. Jodie advised I avoid foods that may stain my teeth for the next day or two whilst the teeth are settling in, as the colour continues to develop for two days after treatment. So I had plain white rice for lunch and white pasta for dinner with plenty of water and lots of brushing. At just £99.00 from Flawless Whitening the unbelievable price is just as incredible as the results; I literally can’t stop smiling!

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  • Hi Tracy hope u are well. I recently got my six month smile braces taken off about 1-2 weeks ago! I was very happy about it and got my teeth filed and cleaned etc. However, they do seem to be slightly yellow (as I am a coffee/tea person lol). I am unsure if u have heard of boutique whitening? It was provided from the dentist and have been told it will cause a little sensitivity. This is what I am hesitant about, because I really would like to avoid sensitivity, however am contemplating about teeth whitening as I would really like to get it done lol. What would u recommend and did u face any issues with sensitivity with ur teeth or gums due to teeth whitening?

    • Hi Aisha, whitening will almost certainly cause sensitivity due to the nature of opening the surface of the tooth so it’s important to use sensitive toothpaste to maintain this as to start with it can certainly ache and prevent you from eating cold or hot foods but you will soon adjust to it and it becomes normal. I’ve used sensitive toothpaste for several years now despite the fact that I don’t consider my teeth to be sensitive anymore but it’s a preventative measure when whitening. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best x

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