Premier Master Thatchers Roofing Repair

When it comes to DIY I’d like to think that I know enough to get by; I can wallpaper, hang curtains, paint woodwork and position trinkets and sparkles to add a touch of homeliness to my abode. However when it comes to structural work it’s best kept for the professionals to do their magic as it can be pretty expensive to put right if and when you get it wrong, so when a relative needed their outside wall repairing I knew just the superheroes to call, Premier Master Thatchers!

Premier Master Thatchers Roofing Repair

Premier Master Thatchers Roofing Repair

Based in Bicester, PMT are experts in traditional thatching, re-thatching, re-ridging, patching and maintenance, and are members of the FSB and Guild Of Straw Craftsmen offering bespoke straw creations to suit individual requirements. I frequently see their pristine vans and trucks out and about, and all of the thatched cottages in the area look so neat and tidy thanks to their expertise. It just goes to show that word of mouth works wonders for a local business.

Despite the garden wall being tiled, Jamie and Steven were more than happy to complete the repairs required which involved removing the old cracked and broken tiles and sourcing reclaimed tiles to match as closely as possible. My cheeky son Gabriele loved watching them mix up the cement, trim down the reclaimed tiles to fit the curvature of the wall and then set them in place. They were fast, efficient and wonderfully polite, true craftsmen who take the time and effort to listen to their customers and go above and beyond with the results.

In this modern day and age it’s incredibly refreshing and rare to find such a down to earth company with a personal touch. Premier Master Thatchers made a fantastic difference to the appearance of the wall and did so with impeccable customer service, I couldn’t possibly recommend them more highly!
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