Babz Ankle And Wrist Resistance Weights

I’m on a mission to build myself buns of steel and turn my rather sorry pancake posterior into a pumped up peach. The word in the world of fitness is all about resistance weights at the moment and it’s something that I’ve never tried before. As a single mother to my two children I’ve amassed a fair collection of gym equipment over the years to assist in my home workout routines with my Babz ankle and wrist weights being my exciting newest addition.

Babz Ankle And Wrist Resistance Weights

Babz Ankle And Wrist Resistance Weights

The weights themselves are much like the freezer packs I used to have in my lunchbox as a child to keep my cheese and pickle sandwiches cool at school. They consist of four sealed pouches which are sewn into measured compartments and weighted with sand that is prepared to the weight of your choosing. Here I am using 4kg weights which are suitable for use on both the wrists and ankles, as they feature a double velcro strap adjustment that you tighten around your arms or legs to provide a close-fit padded material pack of weight on your limbs when working out.

The pack doesn’t rub and is very durable, well stitched and comfortable to wear, aside from the fact that I pull the craziest faces whilst doing my leg extensions thanks to the extra resistance on my muscles. And it really does pack a punch when used as part of an exercise routine which you can only truly appreciate when using it. Where I could perhaps do around thirty leg extensions in one set without a weight, with the weight I start grunting and groaning by the first ten, it makes the muscles work so much harder to break even and really helps you to earn the burn and go deeper and harder with each rep.

There’s something amazingly satisfying about fitness, and adding my Babz resistance weights to my routine has been such a physically rewarding experience for me, as it uses muscular contractions to build the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of the skeletal muscles as the body works to overcome the resisting force. This form of strength training also improves bone density, joint function, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, as well as combining aerobic exercise to improve the heart and lung fitness, flexibility and overall balance. I’m doing the same amount of exercise and sets as I usually would but getting far better results faster than before, now I just need to find my perfect bikini for the beach so that I can take my new buns out for a stroll!
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