Redink Aylesbury Angel Wing Coverup Tattoo

At the very sensible age of fourteen I got my first tattoo which was a tribal swirly thing on the small of my back. It was the epitome of fashion back in the early millennium I’ll have you know, along with barbed wire on the arm and lace garters on the thigh, oh dear! Fast forward to the age of twenty-eight and I now have a fond appreciation for body art, detail and meaning so rather than having my back tattoo removed I’ve decided to have it reborn.

John Capasao of Redink Aylesbury is an absolute freehand legend with a tattoo gun and has to date done six of my tattoos with this being my eleventh. I gave him the brief of creating angel wings on my back to encompass the position, shape and width of my existing tribal monstrosity and this is the stunning piece he has created!

Of all my ink I would have to say that this was the most uncomfortable, especially around the spine and going over my old tattoo. I’m normally pretty good with pain but I tapped out on this one and had it in two sessions because when John started I was on my period and antibiotics, TMI? Basically I had stomach cramps, fatigue and hadn’t eaten since breakfast and each sitting was around 5hrs so if you’re considering a big piece I recommend being in good health, having a large meal first and getting plenty of sleep the night before. The white highlights in the feather at the very end were the most painful part because the outline needle was slow and deep and had me squeezing a stress ball and biting my knuckles, but it was worth every second of snarling for the beautiful art that I can now treasure for a lifetime.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts about my body art or want to share experiences of your own and what areas you’ve found most painful then feel free to leave some words in the comment box below. Oh, and check out John at Redink because he’s an absolute genius!
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  • I have been following you for months and for some reason im blocked from responding to snap chats. Is this normal or just something going on with my account? I tried to contact other routes but this is the only one that seemed to work.

  • Just curious did you always intend for the original ink to still be visible? Regardless it’s a cool piece!!

    • Hi Adam yes it’s a cover up, my new tattoo is very obvious and vibrant black but will soften as it heals, my tattooist incorporated what I already had into the new design.

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