Reflex Nutrition Smooth Fruit Vegan Protein

When it comes to veganism it can be pretty difficult to hit my daily quota of protein, let alone when I’m working out and need an extra intake to help my muscles to recover and repair. Pea protein can be an acquired taste for most, but I love it and this gorgeous Smooth Fruit Vegan Protein from Reflex Nutrition ticks all of my boxes for flavour and performance!

Reflex Nutrition Smooth Fruit Vegan Protein

Reflex Nutrition Smooth Fruit Vegan Protein

Made with Nutralys pea protein each serving provides 1g of carbohydrates and 1.4g of fat with a 74% protein content and massive 95% amino acid score. Free from soy, fertilisers, artificial sweeteners and colours this protein shake is completely clean and vegan-friendly to rival the best egg and milk proteins on the market. Sweetened with natural stevia to produce a calorie-free range of flavours I have the mouth-watering Smooth Fruits which has a light strawberry and kiwi kick and is mild like a milkshake with a hint of greens, slightly fluffy in texture and quenchingly drinkable rather than being thick and sickly-sweet like most recovery shakes. I adore the carrot-blush colour as 300ml of water mixed with 25g of powder makes the ideal shake although you can adjust the water volume to suit your taste.

Vegan protein is great for men and women alike and perfect for a fit and active lifestyle by supporting the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. This form of pea protein limits fat gain, adds friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes to the body and can be taken 2-3 times a day for optimum performance with minimum impact on the environment. Reflex are world renowned manufacturers of clean nutritional supplements to take your fitness to the next level with a range to suit every taste and requirement.
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