Lean Greens Super Greens Supplement With Digestive Enzymes

You can’t make it to the gym today because you simply don’t have the time? Your car broke down? It’s raining and you’re exhausted from work? And now you need to think about dinner, there’s nothing edible in the house and the junk food you nibbled on at lunch has left you craving a greasy take-away? If I had a penny for every time I heard similar then I’d be a millionaire by now! But you see you don’t have to be a bodybuilding gym-bunny in order to lead a healthy lifestyle because hitting your daily nutritional levels can do all of the hard work for you and Lean Greens is literally a miracle in a glass.

Lean Greens Super Greens Supplement With Digestive Enzymes

Lean Greens Super Greens Supplement With Digestive Enzymes

For those who struggle to hit a daily quota of nutrition Lean Greens are a quick and easy way to achieve optimum gut health, cap cravings, boost energy levels and improve bowel movements for a healthier and happier lifestyle without the hassle of slaving over the stove each night to consume balanced meals or reading ingredients and counting calories within supermarket convenience food. Containing five of the most powerful grasses and algae this alkaline blend has been specially formulated to flush the body of toxins; three superfood vegetables ensure each drink is packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you uplifted all day with fruit and berries assisting a healthy diet. A whopping six digestive enzymes also help to reduce uncomfortable bloating whilst boosting the metabolism with Ginseng and natural green tea.

Rather than drinking energy drinks or coffee that leave you shaking, filled with sugar, empty calories and crashing back down again after a few hours, these nutritionally balanced greens stir easily into a glass of water with one 15g scoop providing a single portion to hit your nutritional targets. You can add it to a juice or smoothie to control your hunger, ditch cravings, detox and beat the bloat with the active ingredients of spinach, wheatgrass, barley grass, Alfalfa, Chlorella, carrot, Spirulina and broccoli doing all of the work for you. For those who struggle to eat vegetables greens may be an acquired taste at first but I love mine and highly recommend Lean Greens to anyone who wants more energy, a healthier body and more comfortable lifestyle.

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