Sativa Shakes Vegan Hemp & Plant Protein Shake

Every good gym bunny knows that protein is an essential part of fitness as our muscles use protein to repair and grow from exercise. Being vegan it can be difficult to get enough protein into my diet as I can’t serve up a plate of eggs, chicken breast or fish and most shakes contain dairy which is why I’m doing cartwheels right now at the excitement of discovering these natural plant-protein dairy-free Sativa Shakes!

Sativa Shakes Vegan Hemp & Plant Protein Shake

Sativa Shakes Vegan Hemp & Plant Protein Shake

Being lactose free the shakes are easily digestible and absorbed quickly by the body removing bloating and discomfort associated with whey protein. This specially prepared vegan protein powder provides more than 22g of protein per serving as well as being a low carb diet solution targeted at burning fat and building lean muscle. Made from natural hemp and brown rice it contains a complete amino acid profile as well as soluble and insoluble fibre, omegas 3, 6 and 9 and no artificial sweeteners or flavours. Sativa Shakes entire UK range is Vegan Society approved and includes strawberry and banana and chocolate caramel shakes.

Here I have mixed up a Sativa Shakes post-workout shake with a single sachet of chocolate caramel powder and 200ml of cold tap water. It smells divine, sweet, rich and chocolaty satisfying to curb the naughtiest of cravings and my super sweet tooth. It’s creamy, whippy and glossy like a milkshake and leaves a beautiful slightly sweet coating in my mouth that makes me want to lick my lips, certainly the opposite of what you would expect healthy nutritional food to taste like! It feels more filling like a meal than a drink and as such I have mine after my lunchtime workout as a pre-dinner snack to keep me going until the evening as I doubt I could eat a whole plate of food straight after having a shake. I may have just discovered my new favourite vegan protein source!
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