Save On Makeup Philosophy Microdelivery Facial Wash

Do you remember the days when you’d stay out partying all night until sunrise, cake on makeup like it were a winter coat and sleep in your false lashes because you’re too drunk to remember your own name let alone navigate your face!? I have fond college memories of eating a greasy fry-up at a cafe in last nights makeup and clothes in my late teens, the days of flawless skin and minuscule hangovers; but nowadays if I leave my makeup on until the evening or make eye contact with a sambuca it’s game over before I’ve even begun. My skin becomes dry, greasy and spot prone, my makeup cakes into my fine lines and wrinkles and I have a face like weathered concrete if I even nap whilst wearing foundation so thank heavens for Save On Makeup skincare!

Save On Makeup Philosophy Microdelivery Facial Wash

Save On Makeup Philosophy Microdelivery Facial Wash

The Microdelivery exfoliating facial wash is mild enough for everyday use as a cleanser and exfoliator to replenish and protect the skin whilst its topical antioxidants help the face to retain moisture. Free from sulphate the nourishing ingredients are specially formulated to exfoliate and buff away fine lines, even skin tone and give the skin a healthy glow. Boasting a 30-second cleansing mini peel perfect for the shower, bath or sink this can be used as part of your morning or evening routine.

Seeing as I like to go to bed with a fresh face I have been using this as an evening exfoliator after I’ve rinsed off my makeup at the bathroom sink. I hate how my skin becomes greasy across the day and certainly at night my pores are most likely to become clogged, especially around my nose. I often find a new tiny spot starting off here and there when I rinse my face so adding an exfoliator to my routine has really helped with avoiding breakouts. The scrub itself is a glossy fragrance-free clear honey colour with no obvious grit or grain but when you touch it you can feel a very fine sand texture.

It smoothes into the skin beautifully and when massaged in circles is as satisfying as scratching an itch. The scrub disappears as you work it in and leaves behind a fine powdery finish that I presume is dead dry skin which I rinse off with water to reveal a bright renewed complexion that is as smooth as glass to the touch. Just a pea sized amount is enough to cover my entire face and it feels a million times fresher than using a makeup wipe or flannel. Priced at just £2.99 for a 59.3ml tester size (RRP £23.00 for 240ml) Save On Makeup have my beauty regime well and truly in the bag!

You can also receive two free gifts with your order by entering code ‘SOM FREE GIFTS’ in the order notes section at the checkout.
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