Science Museum CleverstiX Training Chopsticks

I have to confess that I am useless at using chopsticks, and the thought of eating my food one morsel at a time makes my stomach rumble with impatience. However, developing fine motor skills from a young age doesn’t just effect our ability to eat noodles with sticks, it also improves our hand eye coordination, concentration, handwriting and precision, which is why these CleverstiX from the Science Museum are so amazing for little ones.

Science Museum CleverstiX Training Chopsticks

Science Museum CleverstiX Training Chopsticks

Perfect for developmental education, the sticks are fun, child friendly and easy to use with an ergonomic design to strategically position little fingers and thumb with detachable soft rubber rings that can be removed as their technique and control advances. My son has just turned 3yrs old, and having never held nor used chopsticks before he was able to select and pick up jelly beans from a jar and place them into a paper bag.

I’m amazed at how quickly he became accustomed to them as they’re such a fun meal time incentive to encourage children to eat dinner whilst feeding themselves. He loved the cool robot design and colours for boys, and there’s an equally cute Hello Kitty pink and white version for girls. The chopsticks are sturdy, lightweight and dishwasher safe, and priced at just £7.50 from the Science Museum they’re purse friendly too.
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