Securitech Alarms Enforcer Home Security System

When it comes to security I’m pretty OCD. As a single parent I’ve spent many sleepless nights jumping at the sound of a cat knocking over a bin in the middle of the night, the letterbox blowing in the wind or an inexplicable bang or crash that makes my blood run cold as I cling to my duvet. I wouldn’t say that I was overly paranoid about burglars but more conscious of the fact that I want to keep my family safe and in home security prevention is most definitely the first form of defence against intruders; cue Securitech Alarms.

Now I know as much about mobile phones as I would a Range Rover and it’s often my friends and even children who help me out with installing new devices, understanding technology or navigating controls on my car, so when it came to choosing my first ever home alarm system I was cautious about being duped by a smarmy salesman and my innocence squeezed into their commission and sales targets. Thankfully that wasn’t the case as I did my research as always and chose Securitech Alarms who are based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and work across the UK and Europe installing commercial and domestic alarm systems. After a quick chat on the phone a friendly engineer came to visit me at home to size up and identify what system would be most suitable and I was pleasantly surprised by his advice. Seeing as I have two young children, a cat, dog and rabbit I needed a security system that wouldn’t set off false alarms every ten minutes and deprive myself and neighbours of sleep. As I have no flat roof and only front and rear access as the main entry points to my home the engineer was able to quickly identify the key areas to cover with passive infra red movement sensors that are pet immune and allow the animals to get up for a sip of water or nibble on their biscuits without Scotland Yard storming down my door.

My New Securitech Alarms System Gives Me Peace Of Mind As A Single Parent

My New Securitech Alarms System Gives Me Peace Of Mind As A Single Parent

With a love for interior design I’ve spent years perfecting my home and the thought of ripping up carpets and channelling cables into walls or trunking them off across my wooden floors made me twitch, but I was pleased to hear that all of my sensors could be wireless which is a quick and convenient way to install an entire system in just an hour on my lunch break. Assuringly the batteries within each sensor last three years and will alert the control panel as to which one is running low; Securitech also offer an annual maintenance program to check all alarms and sensors and change all batteries no matter their age for added peace of mind. The installation involved fitting two small white boxes inside my front hallway, one is a closed off socket which is a fuse spare to distribute the voltage and the other the control panel. In the event of a power cut the entire security system and control panel will continue to operate as normal because of it’s backup battery and wireless two-way communication which operates just below military frequency and houses anti-jam circuitry manufactured in the UK and tested to the highest standard. I also have door contacts which detect intruder entry and can alert me when my young son answers the door or tries to leave the house with a chime setting so if I’m in the back garden hanging out the washing during the day and somebody comes through my front door the chime will repeatedly sound and let me know.

The Wireless PIR Sensors Blend Seamlessly Into My Home Decor (Above The Door)

The Wireless PIR Sensors & System Were Installed In My Home In Under An Hour

The system allows for up to thirty zones to be added which can be window sensors to detect shock, motion sensors for movement and contact sensors for doors opening as well as integrated smoke and CO2 alarms, sheds, garages and out-buildings up to 150meters away ranging from approximately £50.00-£75.00 per additional device. The nice thing about it is that accessories and extensions can be added as and when you choose with no disruption or re-wiring. The system can be used in so many different ways to suit every home and requirement as in night mode the upper motion sensors can be switched off to allow for bathroom visits, pets can free-roam downstairs or stay confined into one room and the system can link to your own phone via a phone line or sim card, an alarm receiving centre if you go on holiday or local police dependant on the level of response you require. It is capable of storing 75 codes which can all be customised to provide different access rights to users such as setting and unsetting the alarm, changing the codes and resetting timers, with manual codes, cards, key fobs and panic alarms available to give friends, family and neighbours access to deactivate the alarm should you be away from home.

Securitech Alarms Enforcer Home Security System

Securitech Alarms Enforcer Home Security System

For peace of mind at night I like the thought of having my alarm set and blue flashing bell box on the front of my home lit up as potential intruders can see that the property is alarmed which in 90% of cases is enough on its own to prevent a break-in or burglary. Unsurprisingly the majority of break-ins happen when the home is vacant, during working hours, when families are away on holiday or leading up to the Christmas period when expensive gifts are ready wrapped in windows and incredibly tempting to passing thieves. Whether you’re old or young, vulnerable or fearless, single or married, in an exclusive area or somewhere with a high crime rate we will always be a target for thieves and in my eyes security prevention is key. I can sleep soundly at night now knowing that my family are protected against intruders and my home is secure when I go out because when my alarm sounds it’s near on impossible to remain indoors with the noise, lights and attention that it creates.

The average home alarm system starts at around £520.00 including 2-3 sensors and installation which in the grand scheme of things is about the same as a tidy pile of Christmas presents in my lounge and absolutely priceless when in comes to how soundly I now sleep at night.


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