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I have the most fantastic giveaway tanning package here for my wonderful readers! There is no doubt that fake tan is far healthier, safer and perfectly flawless compared to sunbathing. Firstly you can’t burn and damage your skin with a fake tan, and every inch of your body can be perfectly bronzed within minutes. No more battling with white shins that reflect sunlight or pasty bottoms that you daren’t expose in public, as fake tan leaves every inch of you even, equal and exquisitely sunkissed.

Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse

Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse

I have used many a fake tanning lotion in my time, but never a bronzing mousse, so for my first attempt I was unsure of what to expect and how it would differ from traditional the lotion. As you can see from my pictures, my skin before tanning was milk-bottle white, winter ready and in desperate need of some colour. I find that when I don’t have a tan the surface of my skin looks far greater and my body appears larger and less toned which shows up my imperfections, spots, freckles and dark circles under my eyes far more prominently than when I have a tan.

I like my tan to look flawless, even, natural and streak-free, which is why I prefer to use tanning sprays and lotions with a mitt, as you can spread it out and level it off with each stroke. However with the Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse the tan squirts into an air-light whippy mound of fluff, very much like a hair mousse only with a cappuccino guide colour so that you can immediately see where it has been applied and where else you have left to cover. The Q10 mousse glides across the skin beautifully, covering such a great area with just one frothy lump, and the aerosol can helps to contain more product that also stays fresher for longer than a traditional spray. It is also packed with natural ingredients including blackcurrant, babassu and pomegranate, and contains skin enhancing Vitamin E and the active anti-ageing Q10 leaving the skin feeling moisturised and pampered while protecting you from the tell-tale signs of ageing. To top it all off it is paraben and cruelty free, and Sienna X donate £5.00 from every purchase to the British Skin Foundation as part of their Save Our Skin campaign.

To achieve my beautiful Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse tan I started by taking a shower and exfoliating all of my skin, this removes any dirt, grease and dead skin cells to ensure that the colour lasts as long as possible and goes on evenly. I then applied a little moisturiser to the dry areas of skin on my body, paying particular attention to my knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and in between my fingers where colour can tend to cling and build up. I used the Sienna X tanning mitt for which I squirted a blob of mousse onto the material before rubbing onto my skin. I always like to start with my legs working my way down to my feet before going up above my knees and ending with my face, but you can go in whatever direction you want, so long as you make sure you rub the tan in circular motions to create a natural even coverage, and don’t leave any dead ends where the tan stops with a harsh block of colour because you will struggle to blend it if you try to cover it over later. Always fade the tan out towards each limb and work one area in at a time to ensure you cover every part.

When it comes to doing the face I apply my tan in exactly the same way as I do my body, with a nice creamy blob of mousse on the mitt which I rub all across my face as if I were using a flannel. Always remember to push your hair back or tie it up so that you can take the tan right up into the hairline, and don’t forget to cover the ears, neck and back of the shoulders too. When you’re happy with the guide colour coverage and you check yourself in the mirror for any patches you may have missed, you must then wait for the tan to develop which takes eight hours. The perfect time to apply your tan is just before bed so that it can develop underneath the guide colour whilst you sleep, it also means you can wear loose fitting clothes or just your underwear so that it doesn’t dig in and rub away any of the colour.

After the eight hours, or by the morning if you’ve tanned overnight you simply have to jump into the shower to wash off the guide colour and reveal your beautiful tan below. I like to stand under warm running water and run my hands over my skin to remove any excess, waiting for the water to run clear before lightly patting myself dry with a towel. Et voila! A beautifully natural sunkissed tan that any beach babe would be envious of. The 250ml Q10 Bronzing Mousse costs just £24.95 which will take months to empty, as if properly taken care of, each application of tan can last you up to a week. The tanning mousse is incredibly easy to apply, with a flawless coverage that lasts longer and stays fresher than traditional tanning lotions.

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