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Sleep is the answer to many of life’s problems, it has the priceless ability to recharge our energy, settle our mind, relax our limbs and allow our bodies to grow and repair; so it is vital that we get as much good quality sleep as possible no matter our age. My two children Millisent 6yrs, and Gabriele 2yrs, are modern children with sensitive skin, allergies to absolutely everything and seem to get bitten by every insect going. They get hot and restless at night and kick off their covers as they wiggle to the bottom of their beds, waking in the morning looking as though they’ve been on a rather exciting adventure all night. Sleep in our household is key, and as a single parent I am keen to ensure that we all get as much of it as possible!

My Daughter Millisent  Loves Her Silk Bedding Direct Silk Filled Duvet

My Daughter Millisent Loves Her Silk Filled Duvet

After browsing around online for new bedding for the children I came across silk filled duvets and discovered they are extremely beneficial as they are lightweight, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and will never contain dust mites, mould, fungus or other microscopic life which ticks all of the boxes for me as a parent. I have always purchased synthetic fibre duvets for the children, as they found goose and duck feathers stuck into their skin and were sharp in places, but they absolutely adore their new silk filled duvets as they are so much softer and more comfortable to sleep in.

I have two single silk filled duvets for the children which are packaged in a cotton carry case. Each duvet is 200cm x 140cm / 79″ x 55″ in size with a 100% natural high grade long strand Mulberry Silk filling on the inside, which is renowned as the best in the world, and a deluxe 300 thread count fine cotton sateen casing. They are incredibly soft, sumptuous and squishy and it puts the biggest smile on my face each evening when the children hurry up the stairs to brush their teeth and pounce into their beds as they giggle and wiggle under the covers like chicks in a nest. I’ve never known them to be so enthusiastic to go to bed at 7pm.

Silk filled duvets have many other surprising benefits over traditional polyester bedding, with silk most obviously being extremely comfortable for sleeping. Each duvet is filled with a 100% natural mulberry silk which delays skin ageing and nourishes hair by containing several amino acids which rejuvenate you throughout the night. There is also a protein sericin which leaves a protective barrier on skin helping to protect your hair and body. The duvets are also totally clean because they can’t sustain dust mites. Silk filled duvets relax the central nervous system making it easier to sleep, especially for those who suffer from insomnia. The duvets also self regulate a wide range of temperatures unlike other fillings, allowing excess heat and moisture to escape so you won’t become hot and sweaty, whilst retaining heat on colder nights to keep you warm. Their natural drape means that they shape over your body to keep you covered and content even when you roll over or move around. Even with two people sleeping under the same silk duvet it will regulate each body individually and prevent the need to toss and turn and throw back the covers as a beautifully consistent temperature is maintained all night. Only Mulberry silk is of such a high quality that it can be used in its natural state, if the silk were to be mixed with another material, or an inferior silk such as Tussah, then it would not have the same natural benefits. Because the silk filling is delicately hand stretched it ensures an even distribution and warmth, which is then loop sewn again by hand throughout the cover to stop it from bunching up, as machines would tear and damage the silk, this process provides a natural and even warmth for the life of each duvet.

There is very minimal cleaning required, as simply airing the duvet in the sun for few hours a couple of times a year is enough to enhance the silks natural properties as no chemicals or treatments have been applied to the silk at all. You can use a natural detergent if needs be to spot clean at home, or if you do want to wash it then always seek a dry cleaner as home machines can damage the filling. Silk duvets can be used all year round but should you find the winter extremely cold, each duvet also has clip attachments at each corner allowing the attachment of a second duvet securely in place, without the need to completely change your bedding with each season.

At £95.00 each for the single silk filled duvets they are well worth the price tag and competitively priced compared to other natural filled duvets. These duvets also help to lessen asthma symptoms and from every purchase Silk Bedding Direct make a donation to Asthma UK. An information sheet was also included with each of my duvets which contains a 10% off code for my next purchase and I welcome you all to use it; simply enter “SBD10E” at the checkout to receive your discount. Sleep well!

For more information, a full product range or to purchase this beautiful silk duvet you can visit Silk Bedding Direct online here!

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