Simply Supplements Hair Skin & Nails Plus

Good hair, skin and nails have the ability to turn a mongrel dog into a glorious unicorn, as natural beauty is very much about maintaining thick luscious locks, a glowing complexion and clear sparkling nails. Sadly in this day and age we often neglect our diet in favour of convenience foods or simply through lack of time. But like any living thing, the more you look after and nourish it, the stronger and more fruitful it will become. Being a vegetarian for the past 22yrs means that my diet restricts my nutritional intake, and so for me the Simply Supplements Hair Skin & Nails Plus is essential to maintaining what Mother Nature gave me to the best of my ability.

Simply Supplements Hair Skin & Nails Plus

Simply Supplements Hair Skin & Nails Plus

A poor diet, hormonal changes, stress and the natural ageing process all contribute to the thinning of hair, dull skin, or weak and brittle nails in both men and women alike as these problems starve the hair, skin and nails of vital nutrients and often become problematic all at the same time because of a certain compound in common, collagen. So high-quality nutritional supplements can be beneficial for all three issues at once, with Simply Supplements Hair Skin & Nails Plus specially developed to incorporate key nutrients that are widely recognised to support the healthy growth and maintenance of hair, skin and nails.

The formula works by promoting the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails through the use of collagen and MSM, with added vitamin C to support the formation of collagen and EasyGest capsules for fast and easy digestion so that the ingredients get into the body as quickly and efficiently as possible. Collagen, Silica and MSM are the primary components of the fibrous connective tissues in the hair, skin and nails supporting and strengthening the internal building blocks to create a smooth and flexible skin tone. The natural levels of these compounds can decrease with age and some people find supplementation to be beneficial if not essential to remaining youthful. The unique formula also provides 100% RDA, that’s the recommended daily allowance, of vitamin C to support the skins healing process, whilst promoting the healthy growth of hair and nails too. Vitamin C can help to protect against the oxidative damage caused by harmful ‘free-radical’ particles which are the leading cause of premature ageing.

Since taking the Simply Supplements Hair Skin & Nails Plus I have already noticed a difference. To start with my nails haven’t broken half as much as they usually would, as I always seemed to split the sides of my nails and they would tear off level with my skin and sting as they were so brittle and took ages to regrow. My nails are now far stronger and regrow much quicker to the point that I don’t need to wear nail varnish anymore to strengthen them enough to hold length. And as I’ve stopped wearing nail varnish my nails have changed from an oxygen-starved dull yellow to a naturally healthy white colour which I love.

My hair has always been so wispy and dry, with my grandmother always blaming my slenderness of a dress size UK8 for my poor nutrition which in turn would lead to my hair being weak and lifeless. I am in fact very healthy with my vegetarian diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, but I undoubtedly lack the goodness of meat and calcium which is very important. Rather than being so dry and scarecrow-esque, my hair now sits a lot better, it doesn’t frizz as much and has a natural shine to it rather than a dry roughness. It feels softer to the touch and doesn’t look as tortured as it used to, which is probably the most noticeable transformation from taking these supplements. And I’m very happy with the results.

Finally my skin often breaks out in spots around my menstrual cycle and my hands and face easily become dry and hard in hot to cold weather conditions. Since taking the supplements I’ve still had my monthly hormonal outbreak of spots, but they disappear a lot quicker and don’t becomes as big and obvious as they did before. I’ve also noticed my hands looking more youthful, particularly around my knuckles which is the area that normally goes dry and chaps the quickest making my hands look old and dry, but now they’re noticeably smoother. It just goes to show that beauty really is skin deep, and if you want to keep the outside looking fresh and healthy then you need to think about what you put inside first. Natural supplements can help to boost the levels that you are lacking in, and support you in meeting the daily allowances of vitamins and nutrients to provide the best results possible.

A pot of Simply Supplements Hair Skin & Nails Plus contain 120 capsules and cost just £12.99. As you take two capsules daily a single pot will last around two months. And as the capsules are thin and smooth it makes them very easy to swallow with water so they fit into my daily routine easily as I take them with breakfast and dinner.
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