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When it comes to fitness we all daydream about being able to wave a magic wand and suddenly have the body of a God/ess minus the hours spent sweating, crunching and running on a treadmill to achieve it. As the years pass by, and after having two children, my days seem to get shorter as my workload gets heavier making it difficult to get to the gym let alone workout or have a specific routine in place. If only there was a way to tone up from home without burning the candle at both ends and make owning abs attainable all year round; well there is – and it’s called the Sixpad!

The Sixpad is a soft and thin silicon pad that uses gel sheets to conduct silkscreen electrodes to the skin, these pass electricity into the muscle throughout a 23minute training program to tone and firm the body with the simple touch of a button and zero effort or exercise involved. Gradually building in intensity to prevent muscle damage from sudden stimulation, the Sixpad distributes the electricity into the muscle evenly along with a skin detection alarm that sounds if the pad disengages whilst turned on.

With 15 intensity levels to choose from the stimulation remains consistent throughout without irritating the skin as the device is based upon revolutionary EMS research and exclusive MTG technology combined with the training logic of world renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Housed in a sleek white presentation box it’s clearly a high end product for which no expense has been spared and I’m super excited to add this piece of kit to my home fitness equipment as I’ve struggled with my stubborn weak stomach muscles after having my children. Here I have the starter pack which consists of an Abs Fit for the stomach and two Body Fit’s which can be used on the arms and legs for total body toning.

The Sixpad Uses Electrodes And Gel Sheets To Conduct Electricity Into The Muscles

The Sixpad Uses Electrodes And Gel Sheets To Conduct Electricity Into The Muscles

Using the device is surprisingly straightforward as there are no wires, attachments or accessories involved just the lightweight devices themselves, some conductive gel sheets and support belts to keep them in place should you wish to wear them beneath your clothing whilst going about your day. I start by inserting the battery into the back of each device with the coin tool provided before peeling and sticking a gel sheet onto each electrode; there are two large pads on each Body Fit device and six smaller ones on the Abs Fit. The gel sheets are non-stick, super adhesive and highly conductive holding beautifully to the skin whilst absorbing any moisture to keep the area dry during use and the temperature regulated for comfort and safety. Each sheet has a 30day / 30-use lifespan which must be replaced for optimum performance as eventually they’ll dry out and get dirty but can be cleaned between uses to maintain their condition.

Once the gels are in place the devices attach to the body by simply pressing them into position with full directions in the accompanying manual highlighting where is best to conduct the major muscles and maximise results. There are also velcro support belts included for each device which are fully adjustable for any body type to hold them securely in place if you wish to do housework or go shopping whilst muscle training. I prefer to pop my devices on whilst relaxing on the sofa as I can catch up on social media whilst letting them do all of the hard work for me. There are two buttons on each device, a plus and minus sign for which you hold the plus button down for two seconds to turn it on and can scroll up or down through intensities, followed by holding the minus button down for two seconds to turn it off. The devices are quick and easy to peel off and attach to a glossy card before being zipped into a slimline airtight carry case for storage until their next use.

I Can Use My Sixpad Anywhere At Any Time To Tone My Body

I Can Use My Sixpad Anywhere At Any Time To Tone My Body

Each 23minute program features a warm up, conditioning phase and cool down just like a gym based routine and has been designed to gradually increase the tempo of the muscle stimulation before lightening and reducing the intensity to bring your body back to rest all without lifting a finger. The workout feels like a series of fuzzy contractions that resonate through the muscle but can’t be felt on the surface of the skin as I grinned from ear to ear the second I felt it working and proudly asked my daughter to hold my arm to feel it too but she said “Mummy you’re not even moving!” And that’s the beauty of it, a total body workout without moving and you can do it anywhere and anytime, on the commute to work, in the office, at the supermarket or even lying in bed at the weekend. It’s comfortable, practical, contours beautifully to the body and fits seamlessly into my day. As a busy single parent this is a fitness routine that I don’t have to make time for; I simply slip it on and get on with cooking the dinner or folding laundry knowing that I’m tightening, firming and toning my love handles and wobbly bits.

Being a keen gym bunny I like to workout whenever I get the chance, albeit childcare permitting, but now I can supplement my fitness regime from home by putting in the extra hours with my Sixpad and maximising my results which has taken my stomach definition to the next level. Whether you use it to top up your active lifestyle, to help build muscle or introduce yourself to fitness for the very first time there’s something here for everyone, every age and gender and the results really speak for themselves; a fantastic piece of kit that I wish I’d discovered sooner!
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