Strength Shop UK Pink Hercules Knee Sleeves

High impact activities such as running, jumping and weightlifting can put pressure on the knee increasing its risk of damage or injury during exercise and although I’ve never injured my knee that badly before you can never be too careful; cue my latest bit of kit, my gorgeous hot pink knee sleeves from the Strength Shop UK.

Strength Shop UK Pink Hercules Knee Sleeves

Strength Shop UK Pink Hercules Knee Sleeves

Here I am wearing the smallest size which is the XL measuring 25-32cm with sleeves available up to XXXXL at 42-47cm. The thick and supportive knee sleeves come in a set of two and are ideal for all kinds of strength training activities for which I’m keen to improve on my barbell squats. The single ply sleeves use compression to increase blood flow and reduce pain and swelling to the knee during and after exercise to aide in recovery.

The sleeve helps to warm the muscles and keep the knee aligned improving technique which is the pinnacle of weight training. They’re soft and stretchy and hold my legs in perfect alignment without pinching due to their gentle stretch and the support has noticeably improved my workout, making it easier to walk, squat and lift as it holds my knees in place at all times. A great new addition to my gym kit at a fantastic price as always from Strength Shop UK.
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