Surcare Sensitive Range

Both of my beloved children, Millisent 6yrs and Gabriele 2yrs, unfortunately have sensitive skin which can cause them break out in red itchy rashes, bug bites and bumps on a regular basis. Outside of the home it is literally impossible to police every irritant that they come in contact with, but at home I ensure that I use non-bio sensitive washing detergents and products. So I was incredibly excited to discover the Surcare Sensitive range.

Surcare Sensitive Range

Surcare Sensitive Range

Surcare promise not to put anything unnecessary into their products that may irritate sensitive skin. There are no enzymes, no dyes, no acids, and no perfumes unlike other brands. In my opinion there is no comparison between a beautiful scent or the safety of protecting my little ones sensitive skin, which is why Surcare are completely fragrance free, leaving clothes ‘just-off-the-line’ fresh as nature intended. The products simply focus upon getting clothes outstandingly clean without the risks of added unnecessary chemicals and perfumes that irritate the skin.

Surcare also have some handy tips for those with sensitive skin, advising that you wash new clothes before wearing them to remove any chemical residue from the manufacturer, avoid dry cleaning or try to visit a green dry cleaner instead, avoid conventional fabric softeners and dryer sheets as a cup of vinegar can reduce static cling and a spoonful of baking soda softens clothes. The chlorine in bleach also isn’t good for the skin, so rinsing them in lemon juice first and leaving them on the line on a sunny day will work much better. And if you use a shared washing machine or laundrette, run a full cycle before putting in your clothes to remove the chemical residue from the previous wash so as not to irritate sensitive skin.

The Surcare product range is very reasonably priced for families and available online as well as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. All Surcare laundry products are non biological, completely fragrance free, dermatologically tested and approved, providing outstanding cleaning results even at 30 degrees and are great for babies too. As a mother it is most important to me that my children’s sensitive skin is primarily taken care of and that their clothes look and feel clean and fresh; Surcare deliver just that and leave our clothes spotless, you’d never know that my son had been diving about in the garden in his top and shorts beforehand as the stains came straight out in just one wash. It takes me back to my childhood to smell air-dried, honest clothes again, free from the fragrances and perfumes that we’ve become so accustomed to today. The Surcare Sensitive range therefore gets a great big thumbs up from the three of us!

For more information, to view the full product range or purchase Surcare products you can visit their official site here!

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