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I am a HUGE fan of Taj Foods, the UK and Europe’s most famous and leading Ethnic food brand. As a twenty-year strong vegetarian and lover of spice and flavour, their vegetable samosas, spring rolls, Indian breads and savoury snacks are a staple in my kitchen and I have spent many hours trying out new recipes with their expansive product range. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered their new Aloe Vera drinks!

Not only am I a lover of spice and flavour, but I’m also a fitness fanatic and beauty buff, having used many beauty products and creams myself made from the amazing Aloe Vera plant which is known worldwide for it’s unique cleansing, detoxifying and healing properties; its benefits to our body exceed all other plants and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, silky smooth and beautifully soft.

Aloe Vera Drinks By Taj

Aloe Vera Drinks By Taj

So I decided to try a couple of bottles of the Taj Aloe Vera drink as I’ve never drank Aloe Vera before and have no idea what it will taste like; I’m more accustomed to rubbing it on my skin as an aftersun or moisturising cream. I chose the original and strawberry flavour drinks which come in a 500ml plastic bottle just as you’d buy water.

Pouring the cool original Aloe Vera drink into a glass I immediately noticed the fresh sweet fragrance and the glossy texture of the juice. It’s thick like an oil yet entirely transparent like water and leaves no residue or film behind on the glass. There are juicy cubes of aloe vera floating within the liquid and they stay suspended throughout the drink without floating to the top or sinking to the bottom.

Taking my first sip of the drink it instantly put me in mind of fresh orange juice with the fragments of flesh throughout, only it isn’t citrus like orange but more palatable; it is pleasantly sweet yet refreshingly subtle, and incredibly thirst quenching and uplifting. I could imagine laying by the pool at a health spa and having a waiter serve me a glass of Aloe Vera juice on a silver plate as their handmade natural cocktail special, whilst somebody fans me with palm leaves and another places cucumbers over my eyes. It is absolutely delicious and the health benefits are a huge bonus in my books. The packaging boasts that it is low in sugar, aids detox, boosts immunity and is energizing with 30% aloe vera juice and 16% pulp. It is suitable for vegetarians, Halal approved and contains just a handful of ingredients including filtered water, glucose and natural flavour, and is made with real Aloe Vera juice not powder.

I make a conscious effort to avoid fizzy drinks because of their high sugar content and empty calories, and drinking water can at times become monotonous and uninviting. To have an alternative beneficial drink containing Aloe Vera is a very welcome addition to my diet and one that will slot seamlessly into my lifestyle and fitness regime. After all, I spend time and effort making sure that I look after my body on the outside, and now I can look after my body on the inside too! A big thumbs up for Taj Foods new Aloe Vera drinks, I can’t wait to try out all of the flavours as I’ve drank my two bottles already and the strawberry flavour was mouthwatering. From having a little look at their website I’ve found they also make lychee, mango, pomegranate and cranberry, and passion flavours too, I can hardly contain my taste buds.

The packaging advises once opened the drink can be kept refrigerated for three days and I’m already fantasising about a lovely summer picnic with some cucumber sandwiches, a nice crisp salad and a glass of cool Aloe Vera juice.

For more information and for the full Taj product range you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and like their page on Facebook.

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  • Hi,I too have just drank a bottle of this,but mine was mango flavour.Absolutely refreshing ! Never tried them before but now I will be buying many more.How will we know if its benefitting our body or not ?

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