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I have to confess that I am not much of a lover of tea. Or at least not tea in the traditional sense. Milk and sugar just doesn’t do it for me, and far from tea being a thirst quenching drink, I find it stale, smelly and unsightly staining to teeth, I therefore much prefer a glass of cold water to a hot drink. I do however have the odd cup of green or herbal tea on a cold winters morning or over a spot of lunch, but not very often and caffeine in my diet is almost non-existent.

I Have Started My 28 Day Tiny Tea TEAtox

I Have Started My 28 Day Tiny Tea TEAtox

I have been a vegetarian for 21yrs, I avoid fish and egg also, and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle. My main weakness in life is chocolate, cakes and wine and as a single mother of two I can often feel tired and sluggish. I’m also pleasantly greeted by a breakout of frustrating spots each month in tune with my cycle. So it’s safe to say that I could do with a bit of a detox to flush out the bad stuff and fill me with sunshine!

Tiny Tea from the Your Tea Body Range is a 28 day organic herbal blend TEAtox, or detox, designed to cleanse and nourish your digestive system leaving you at your physcial peak. It boasts many benefits from assisting weightloss, reducing bloating, removing toxins, improving digestion, energy levels, skin clarity and relaxation as it is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. It is the only herbal cleanse on the market that does not produce a laxative effect. The cutesy cardboard Tiny Tea pack contains 84 sachets of individual 2.5g teabags and an instruction leaflet.

Opening my brown cardboard box I am greeted by neat little rows of pretty pink sachets and it smells divine like a French cafe on a summers day, earthy and aromatic. The instructions advise steeping one teabag in boiling water for 5-7minutes twice daily, half an hour before or after eating. So I boiled the kettle before breakfast, poured a whole cup of boiled water and dunked my first ever teabag, leaving it to stand on the side whilst soaking up all the goodness. The tea is quite oaky in flavour, lightly smoked, refreshing and revitalising like mint. It is incredibly pleasant to drink and touches every part of my mouth at once, it absorbs and subtly tingles into my tongue whilst leaving my gums and teeth feeling fresh and clean. This is far from your average cup of tea as there isn’t that stale after taste or old smell, and I feel light and refreshed after.

I am hoping at the end of the 28 days that I will notice an improvement in my energy and general wellbeing. I am carrying a little extra weight at the moment, as I’ve been very naughty with one too many summer treats, sugary tartlets and family sized tubs of vanilla ice cream which has left me a little rounded. It would be great if the detox would help me to shed a few pounds, but I won’t be weighing myself or taking any measurements. Instead my progress will be monitored in two ways, by sight in the form of a before and after photo, and by sensation, reporting back on how I feel in myself before and after. So watch this space, check back for my progress and feel free to ask any questions, leave any feedback and recommend which Your Tea product you’ve found works best for you!

The Tiny Tea 28 Day TEAtox costs £31.00 and is also available as a 14 day pack for just £20.00, as well as a gluten free option.

For more information a full product range or to order your very own TEAtox you can visit Your Tea online here!

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