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I have such a love hate relationship with my iphone 5, I use it to organise and manage absolutely every aspect of my life and it never ceases to amaze me with millions of innovative and time saving apps and possibilities; yet on the other hand, because I use it so much, the battery life runs flat within hours and as a result of this I’ve become accustomed to carrying a plug and charger around in my handbag everywhere that I go.

Obviously my method of charging on location is not foolproof and I have been left on many occasions with a flat battery and dead phone when it wasn’t possible to get to a plug socket outside of the house. My phone battery life therefore dictates where I spend my time, which is pretty shocking but true. A picnic in the park or trip to the zoo taking pictures of animals and videos of the children playing can soon become a disaster when my phone battery runs out and I become cut off from the world, unable to be contacted in an emergency and delaying my response to urgent email. If I’m on a long journey in the car and using my satnav I only have one socket point to charge my phone and have to decide between street maps or social media updates en route. Eating out, going for a walk, going shopping or being on holiday are everyday events that threaten our relationship with our phone. Which is why My Trendy Phone have totally saved my vegetarian bacon with their external battery charger!

My Trendy Phone iphone 5 External Battery Charger

My Trendy Phone iphone 5 External Battery Charger

Browsing their website that boasts an impressive ten years online, I headed straight for the iphone accessories and found this little gem for just £15.80. I chose the External Battery Charger for iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 7G – 2200mAh in white to match my phone. It’s compact size makes it perfect for popping into your pocket or handbag as it’s slightly smaller than a cream cracker and can charge a wealth of different apple devices not just your phone. It is incredibly easy to use with a single button to turn it off and on, a set of blue lights to indicate the battery level and its own micro USB cable so that you can charge it through a port, or with a detachable iphone plug which I use. The battery itself has a connector to click straight into your iphone5 so that you’re not carrying a load of kit and wires around with you once charged, just the pack itself.

The specifications boast a lithium-ion battery, 2200mAh capacity, 5V/800mA Max input and 5V 800mA output, which in short means it’s got guts! The battery charger comes in a protective plastic case with a micro USB cable and the ability to change your life! This particular charger is compatible with the iphone 5, iPod Touch 5G and iPod Nano 7G but there are many others available for different devices and uses, with some able to charge several devices at once.

I Will Never Run Out Of Phone Battery Thanks To My Trendy Phone

I Will Never Run Out Of Phone Battery Thanks To My Trendy Phone

With change left over for a drink from £20.00 I am incredibly impressed with my external iphone 5 battery charger from My Trendy Phone and it has given me so much more freedom to keep connected with the world when I am out and about. You can also charge your phone at the same time as charging the external battery if you keep them both connected whilst plugged in. What an incredible tech find that I can’t imagine life without! Genius.

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