Twisted Envy Personalised Photo Print Marshmallows

Literally if you haven’t had your cleavage custom printed onto marshmallows then you really haven’t lived. You see, gifts are becoming such ingenious, quirky, thoughtful and hilarious ideas these days that go far above and beyond the traditional pair of socks or bottle of perfume that we once used as our occasional staples. With new technology comes new ideas and the world is your oyster with these customisable cuties from Twisted Envy.

Twisted Envy Personalised Photo Print Marshmallows

Twisted Envy Personalised Photo Print Marshmallows

With the choice of marshmallows or chocolates cut into squares, hearts and circles there is something to suit every taste and style as you can pick one giant single image or make it into a grid of 9×9 which is what I have here. The mallows come in a delightful presentation box aptly titled ‘fluffy squares of dreams’ with the instructions ‘print toast melt eat’ across the sides and the invitation to ‘make art with your food!’ inside.

Personalised marshmallows are ideal for popping on top of a cupcake, pinched onto sticks to create an edible bouquet for guests to help themselves to, plopped into a cup of hot chocolate, a jazzy way to spruce up a summer ice cream or even pressed between two crackers and a slab of chocolate as a delicious s’more. What’s nicer than having one of your favourite treats? Seeing your own/partners/pets face and/or body parts on it whilst you’re nibbling away of course! Twisted Envy have found the ultimate failsafe and affordable way to bring magic to every occasion; hoorah!
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