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When it comes to my lips I find them rather bland; to start with they are pale and my top lip is flat with little shape to it compared to the bottom. I tend to stick to natural coloured lip balms and glosses for colour because whenever I apply lipstick it always cracks, cakes, moves and smears onto my teeth which is pretty unsightly and such high-maintenance. I first had a semi-permanent makeup lip blush treatment two years ago and visited Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic for my top-up treatment with Caron Vetter.

SPMU lip blush is expected to last between 12-18 months and mine has gradually faded out with just a fine trace of pink liner along my bottom lip still visible. With the treatment being semi-permanent it’s designed to last a shorter period of time than a traditional tattoo which allows it to remain flawless and sharp as opposed to faded and blurry over the course of several years. The concept behind the lip blush treatment is to implant coloured pigment into the lips dermal layer to bring shape, definition and colour to the lips that is smudgeproof and natural. Not all lips are even and I lack a cupids bow which is the central ‘m’ shape in the middle of the top lip. Although I don’t want to look like I’m constantly wearing a bold going-out lipstick my aim is to bring greater definition and volume to my natural lips to enhance and correct the balance.

As a patient it is a very calm and simple procedure that involves laying on a bed as an anaesthetic cream is applied to both lips which are then covered in clingfilm; this allows the entire area to become numb prior to the treatment and is also reapplied throughout. Aside from a slight pushing sensation when Caron held my lip in position I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort but it felt as though my lips were huge because I had no sensation. The procedure begins with drawing on the lip line with a pencil to mark the area to be tattoo’d, this allowed both Caron and I to check and discuss the shape and height prior to starting. There is a limit as to how far you can tattoo so as not to blur the lip line and the aim is to look natural and voluptuous rather than Coco The Clown. My natural lip line is broken, pale and uneven so for me this process is fantastic.

My Lips Are Pale And Undefined Prior To Treatment

My Lips Are Pale And Undefined Prior To Treatment

There is the choice of having a lip liner treatment only which defines the outer edges of the lips or the lip blush treatment which also colours the entire lip by blending the colour inwards just as you would when applying lipstick. As my lips are pale I chose the lip blush option which involves using two different types of needles. The lip liner is set first by using a fine single needle for precision followed by the infill colour which use a cluster of needles for coverage which is repeated twice. Using nano-needle technology my treatment was virtually painless, incredibly precise and complete within an hour and the colour I have now is far brighter than what it will be after healing. Lip blush is an entirely safe procedure that is perfect for covering scars, correcting pigment and providing a professional and aesthetic finish to your makeup without the daily maintenance and hassle of reapplying lipstick.

Directly after treatment it is normal for the lips to be slightly swollen and bright in colour and they need to be kept clean and dry for the first 48hrs before applying Vaseline to prevent the scabs from prematurely cracking. Caron gave me an aftercare pack which included a pre/post treatment advice booklet, vaseline, cotton bud, vanity mirror and business card with contact details should I have any questions. At present my lips feel slightly chilly like when you chew on a strong mint or brush with a refreshing toothpaste, they’re not sore or painful in any way but I’m aware of a zingy sensation. I have never had a coldsore before so my lips are very calm and quick to heal but if this is something that you suffer from you may need to take necessary precautions to prevent a breakout prior to having treatment. For the first five days the lips will heal by scabbing and shedding so it’s important to avoid hot steamy areas, avoid sunbeds and swimming, don’t touch the area or use any products and never pick at the scabs because this may prevent the pigment from setting, they will simply lift off and come away of their own accord.

Directly After Treatment My Lips Are Plump And Bright

Directly After Treatment My Lips Are Plump And Bright

The colour will change across the next 4-6weeks by lightening gradually and so a top-up procedure is performed after this period as it is a two-stage process to achieve the final results. Here I will share with you my before and after pictures, healing and aftercare to show you exactly what to expect from this procedure and answer any questions that you may have should you be considering this yourself. Caron Vetter is a micropigmentation specialist who I have used for my SPMU treatments for the past four years now and her work is exceptional, the difference flawless makeup can make to your appearance by balancing and correcting the features is incredible and it’s given me so much confidence and self-esteem. My advice is to always seek a qualified and well-studied practitioner to perform SPMU treatments, ask to see examples of their previous clients before and after pictures and check that their qualifications are up to date and clearly displayed in the practise prior to having your treatment. You should never feel pressurised into having a treatment or chased into a hard-sale, take your time, do your research and never be lured by cheap deals; an expert in their field will have repeat custom and a long waiting list as justification of their ability. If you buy cheap you pay twice and you can’t put a price on your appearance.

Directly after my treatment my lips are rather juicy looking, plump and bright red from the pigment. My lips are already beginning to heal and so I’m keeping them clean and dry by drinking through a straw and taking my time to eat and open my mouth wider than usual. I’m still able to brush my teeth as I normally would and to the untrained eye it simply looks like I’m wearing a rather bold and gorgeous shade of red lipstick!

UPDATE: 18/05/16 Day 1

1 Day After Treatment My Lips Begin To Dry

1 Day After Treatment My Lips Begin To Dry

It’s a day since my treatment and my lips are starting to dry out now rather than being swollen and juicy they are calming down as the air gets to them. I have no pain, no tingling or discomfort they just feel cool and fresh.

UPDATE: 19/05/16 Day 2

2 Days After Treatment I've Started Using Vaseline

2 Days After Treatment I’ve Started Using Vaseline

It’s now 48hrs since my treatment so I can use my Vaseline, I apply this from the sachet provided with a cotton bud taking care to dab it onto the lip rather than drag it as it could lift off the scabs. My lips feel fine but are starting to look a little lumpy as the scabs stand out from the lip. At a short distance it just looks as though I’ve applied too much lipstick with lashings of lipgloss!

UPDATE: 20/05/16 Day 3

Day 3 The Scabs Start To Shed

Day 3 The Scabs Begin To Shed

Today I had the first part of my scabs begin to lift when I was speaking as my breath caught a little wind underneath the skin and it began to lift up. The middle of the lips are the first to lift, as whilst I do my best to keep my lips dry and drink through a straw this is the curved part of the lip that is closest to moisture and the furthest from the pigment. I took this picture first thing in the morning before applying my Vaseline so that you can see how I’m healing.

UPDATE: 21/05/16 Day 4

Day 4 The Scabs Are Coming Away

Day 4 The Scabs Are Coming Away

A few more scabs have lifted off today and they’re not like traditional scabs that are brown and lumpy or dark as they remain coloured like a lipstick and peel up in flat panels almost, they don’t pull or bleed when they come up, it’s more like shedding skin from sunburn and it leaves behind such fresh and super soft skin.

UPDATE: 22/05/16 Day 5

Day 5 And Just A Few Scabs Are Left

Day 5 And Just A Few Scabs Are Left

The majority of my scabs are off now and the middle has totally cleared. I love how super soft my new lips feel and they have a gentle pink colour that looks really natural and flawless along my lipline. I’m still persevering with my straws for drinking and not licking my lips, the Vaseline keeps them nice and juicy and I hardly notice they’re there until I catch my reflection in a mirror, another few days and I’ll be healed!

UPDATE: 23/05/16 Day 6

Day 6 And Theres Only One Scab To Go!

Day 6 And There Is Only One Scab To Go!

I have just one tiny scab left on the top of my lip and I’m so excited for it to come off but I’m staying patient and letting it come away naturally. My healing is very nearly complete now and I can’t wait to eat and drink normally again without trying to keep my lips dry. This week has absolutely flown by and I’m looking forward to showing you my before and after pictures!

UPDATE: 24/05/16 Day 7

My Lips Before & After SPMU Lipblush

My Lips Before & After SPMU Lipblush

Hoorah! Here they are, my new beautiful lips! To the untrained eye they may look completely normal or natural even which is the sign of an expert micropigmentist because truly professional work should be flawless and undetectable. I don’t think that my lips look fake at all, and my lip line is perfectly plump and a much healthily colour rather than the bitty-jagged uneven edge that I had before.  Overall my lips are more defined and pinkish rather than pale and fading off into my face, it’s these little touches that make such a great deal of difference to an appearance as I no longer have to struggle with lipstick and liner to perfect my pout.

On their own my lips are now so beautifully balanced and shaped, and teamed with my SPMU eyebrows and eyeliner my makeup-free face is now perfectly proportioned and positioned which no amount of water or wet wipes can smudge or fade. As with any cosmetic treatment you should always visit a specialist because you cannot put a price on your appearance and if you buy cheap you buy twice. Unfortunately thousands of women with bodged semi-permanent makeup are opting for laser tattoo removal which is painful on the face and pricey simply to correct shoddy work from inexperienced hughstreet technicians; thankfully Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic also offer tattoo removal and SPMU correction.

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