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Half-term week two has absolutely flown by and it almost feels as though it never even happened; I say almost as clearly the mountains of toys, washing and laundry piling up reminds me otherwise. And despite the weather having been freezing cold, wet and frankly shocking these past two weeks, on the odd days when the sun did come out we took our chances and got the children outdoors and it was lovely.

In the week I had my hair coloured and cut at Luca’s mum’s salon Silver Scissors in Leighton Buzzard and I feel like a woman reborn. Just snipping off a few inches and brightening up my fading locks has made such a difference. My hair feels so much healthier, bouncier and softer and Millie always loves coming along to the salon to talk to all of the staff and help sweep up hair with a little broom. She had a lovely little sleepover with her best friend just before the weekend and they ate cookies in bed and snuggled up to watch a DVD and my ceiling was ringing from the giggles above us. Children’s laughter has a beautiful way of filling a home and despite the carnage and chaos of being a servant to two little Princesses and a baby for the evening, it was worth every effort for the smile on Millie’s little face.

Millie (5yrs), Gabriele (11mnths) & I (25yrs)

Millie (5yrs), Gabriele (11mnths) & I (25yrs)

It seems so strange when I hug the children and I now have to lift my arms higher up to wrap them around them. I guess somewhere inside my heart or my mind I still see them as the children from Peter Pan, I don’t expect them to grow up and get taller and wear bigger clothes and get deeper voices, but they do. It’s just strange how you don’t notice the time passing until one day your five year old daughter greets you in the bathroom before school and asks you why you like buying tampons so much!? And what can you say to that?

As I’m all for arts and crafts, instead of buying Millie some sweets we decided she might like a toy instead; and rather than buy something bulky or pointless that gets lost after five minutes or neglected we found a hair clip making kit whilst out shopping, and made up some pieces together after dinner. Millie is like a little watchmaker with her motor skills, she’s so precise and a complete perfectionist. I love those special moments when you watch your child working on something and it makes you take a step back and gives your heart a real ‘wow’ moment when you realise how capable they have suddenly become. And seeing her building pretty little hair clips and selecting patterns and jewels, I basked in awe of her as I knelt by her side speechless with pride.

Millie Made Her Own Hairclips

Millie Made Her Own Hair Clips

We stopped off at the Happy Hills, or so we like to call it, which is a BMX track at the local park near my parents house, but we told Millie when she runs around it it makes you smile and then you feel happy, and now she begs us to take her. Nevermind the lovely play park next door with swings and slides and a little treehouse, it’s the Happy Hills that Millie loves and our chihuahua Joey pelts it around the track with his ears back and his cheeks flapping, lapping us all as random walkers must look over and wonder what we’re all doing; grandparents, parents, children and a dog smaller than a cat all laughing and running up and down the dusty little hills in one corner of a play park. Priceless!

Millie & Our Chihuahua Joey Running Around The Happy Hills

Millie & Our Chihuahua Joey Running Around The Happy Hills

I actually almost burst a lung and snapped my stomach muscles all at once a moment ago when Luca and I were sat on the sofa chattering away as Gabriele climbed across us and onto Luca’s lap. We were midway through a conversation about roller skating when out of nowhere Gabriele, who was stood over and almost straddling Luca, suddenly brought his head straight down with such speed and force onto the bridge of Luca’s nose that it was like watching a hammer hit a nail. It floored Luca in seconds and rather than jumping to his rescue I literally lost the ability to speak, move, breath or keep a dry eye as I laughed so hard I couldn’t see for the tears and the more Luca screamed and begged for help the more it crippled me with hysterics. It was absolutely fantastic and when I close my eyes I can replay it over and over again as our little Gabriele hammer head smashed his daddy’s nose, full on and with the force of seven horses at least, and the sound was something else! It was like some kind of hollow clicking clonk, I was honestly expecting to see bone or at least a massive bruise on Luca but he seems to have escaped with just his ego dented.

And after I finally calmed down and managed to breathe again, Luca still had his hands over his nose asking me to take Gabriele, I outstretched my arms to embrace him for a cheeky hug after beating up his daddy and in a last ditch attempt to finish him off before bedtime, Gabriele swung his milk bottle round and hit Luca a corker in the eye socket with another hollow clonk! And I was floored again within a millisecond. It was like being told all of the best ever jokes that have creased you up in life, all at once by your favourite comedian. I had to pinch myself between desperate gulps of air as I laughed myself almost unconscious. The more angry Luca got the worse I lost it and I’m so glad that Gabriele has bestowed this beautiful memory upon me, it was seriously epic and he will forever be my little hammer!

I Have Everything I Need For Gabriele's 1st Birthday  Party

I Have Everything I Need For Gabriele’s 1st Birthday Party

And speaking of the little hammer, I finally have some birthday decorations and trinkets for his big day. It’s now two weeks and one day until his first birthday and I’ve been informed by my surgeon that I won’t be able to pick Gabriele up for at least one month following my breast surgery, so as it will be eight days before his birthday it really limits me as to what I can do. I’m thinking a nice little lunch and then an afternoon at home with friends and family, opening some presents and playing with some toys. We had a house-full of people for Millie’s first birthday when I lived at mum and dad’s, so doing the same at our house only seems fair really. And I have dusted off my little bell ready for Luca to take the week off after my surgery to look after the children and I. This is my final week of freedom before I become an ancient mummy, bandaged and bruised, so I’d best make the most of my ability to cartwheel for the next seven days!

I’m having my eyeliner tattoo’d tomorrow and doubt that I’ll sleep at all from sheer excitement! But I’ll take a camera and capture it all on video for you and let you know how I get on. Excited much! And yesterday Gabriele took his first ever two steps when he stood in the middle of the kitchen at my parents banging two ramekin’s together and extended a chubby little leg forward and stopped to look around before moving the other one to join it. My mum, dad and I all squealed with joy and put him off his stride as he plopped onto his bottom and crawled across the floor towards us, refusing to even attempt to stand again let alone walk. I had the video camera ready and everything, but I’ll bide my time and wait for the right moment and catch him unawares when he makes a beeline for the cat biscuits and thinks nobody is watching! Baby Gabriele, I will have your walking on film before you turn a year old!

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