Age: 2months & 1week & 4days

Gabriele had his immunisations at the doctors today and I was amazed to have got Millie to school and arrived a few minutes early to get Gabriele into the doctors. It was miserable outside, cold and pouring with rain as it has been for the last week or so; and the doctors’ car park was rammed with three cars hovering to find spaces. With only two minutes to spare before my appointment and still being in the car I eyed up a space pinning in a car to one side of the car park hoping it may belong to a member of staff who wouldn’t need to move anytime soon.

Hunched over like little red riding hood I dashed to the rear of the car and scooped Gabriele into my jacket to shelter him from the heavy rain. Luckily I made it to reception fairly dry and without a queue, so I checked in informing the receptionist that I was pinning in a blue car. We took a seat over in the nurses waiting area and no sooner had I settled on the chair about to feed Gabriele his breakfast when a lady came round the corner asking who was pinning her in – just my luck!! So bags up, baby wrapped again and out into the pouring rain strapping him in his car seat whilst trying to keep him dry as I used my back as a rain shield. After some ridiculous reversing, three-point-turning and hunchback baby-unloading and dashing once more I made it back into the doctors looking like a drowned rat this time. Twenty minutes later and with my fringe stuck to my face we were called in by the nurse.

I was hoping to distract Gabriele with his bottle whilst she did the injection but she asked me to hold his arms and legs down so he wouldn’t move. Thinking it would only be the one injection I was happy it would be over quickly, but as she pushed the torturous tube into his chubby little thigh he took a deep breath, opened his eyes wide and screamed for all of England. I held him tight and rocked him trying to calm him down only to spin him round and have the same done to his other thigh. The poor little nugget I felt awful for him as we danced around together in the doctors room until his tears turned into a little whimper and hurried breathing, his bottom lip quivering and his tiny fingers clasped around mine as he looked up at me with his big blue beautiful sorrowful eyes; My poor boy.

Gabriele Giving Me A Lovely Cuddle

And since we’ve been home he’s been a little snuggle bear, cuddled tightly up into my neck he fits like a teaspoon, so warm and content as I watch him sleeping. The nurse said he’s likely to be out of sorts today wanting to sleep and being off of his food and to watch out if his temperature goes too high or his face swells. So I’m cradling our little brave soldier and giving him every drop of love and comfort that I have. x x x

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