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Millie Helping To Feed Gabriele His Milk

So I did my weigh-in on Sunday as per, which was two days ago now but I didn’t have time to write it up so when you look at this weeks pictures imagine I’m two days younger. I’ve been feeling a bit special to say the least and I honestly don’t know what’s happening to me, I think my body is falling apart.

For the last week I’ve had really tender thighs right above my kneecap and it feels as though they’re about to snap when I’m walking in mindless circles treading down our lovely lounge carpet for hours a day as I try to rock Gabriele to sleep in my arms. It’s as if somebody has hit both of my legs with a hammer, my throat is sore like I’ve been swimming in the desert and my back feels as though it is actually wincing every time I hold Gabriele or put him on my shoulder to wind him. Last night I laid in bed like a shaky little lamb, curled up tight in a ball with every muscle and tender inch of my skin repelling the touch of the bed covers or my limbs. And my stomach, it feels insane; it’s raw and aching and weak and bloated and argh, I think somebody might have kicked me in the stomach overnight. I feel as though every organ, every sense within my body and every touch is fighting me and nothing I do seems to relieve it.

I hope that this is my period returning, although I’ve had no signs of it yet aside from my stomach hurting. I’ve been really bad and not done any exercise or sit ups at all this week aside from my usual daily activities around the house and in the garden; so I know that this discomfort isn’t from working out too much or overdoing things. And I’ve been eating just as much as normal instead of dieting and had a fair few treats of chocolate, pasta, ice cream, skittles, cake, pastries and nuts! I am officially a greedy pig, but on the plus side, even though I’m not losing the weight that I want to, I’m obviously not overeating and putting on weight, so I know that I can maintain this weight and still have a fairly happy and healthy food intake with the occasional treat thrown in (a chocolate a day keeps the doctor away!) so long as I don’t start eating for two, or three!

My Weight Loss 11 Weeks After Giving Birth

So looking at this weeks weight-loss I have managed to shift one pound, although this may actually be down to having gone to the toilet before being weighed but I much prefer to believe that it’s actually an entire pound of solid fat that I have shifted. My thighs despite being tender for no apparent reason are annoying me for being so chunky they are actually a single piece with my bum, much like fat ankles becoming cankles joining the shin and foot in one lump, my thighs and bum are one massive thumb! I’m not sure what I can do to separate this strange union, perhaps some lunges or extreme seesawing at the park with Millie?

I’m still a few pounds off of being Christening dress ready, but I think I might just about get away with it so long as I stay sitting down or have a wheelbarrow for my bum cheeks and breasts! So I found on my Wii what my ideal weight should be which I didn’t realise you could do before, and this funny little chart shows how I’ve yo-yo’d myself through these last two months:

My Suggested Ideal Weight On Wii Fit Plus By Nintendo

It claims that my ideal weight should be ten stones, which I think is ridiculous as when I weighed that a week or so ago I had an obvious spare tyre and looked and felt bloated. I’m not sure I agree with BMI and ‘ideal weight’ because everyone is different, some people are built with muscle and some without, some people have heavy bones and some don’t, and some people carry a lot of excess fat whilst others are the same weight and have none. So I judge my ideal weight on how my body feels, if I look and feel bloated I know I’m carrying too much excess weight, if I can squish my fingers into my belly then it’s fat and not muscle so much like cooking a nice fillet steak I shall poke and prod until medium-well.

Millie Trying On Her New Dress And Shoes For Gabriele’s Christening

Gabriele seems to be growing at such a rate now he looks and feel HUGE. Although I haven’t had him weighed recently I know from last time that he is well over a stone and already wearing at least age 3-6 months clothes despite being two months old. He has started to eat around six ounces of feed at a time now which is a relief, although on the odd occasion he still sips an ounce every now and then on its own. He’s started dribbling now and is constantly stuffing his chubby little fists into his mouth and shouting about in his own kind of baby way; he’s always so cheerful and content and wakes up every morning babbling away and kicking his legs in bed.

I seriously can’t wait to give him his first solids soon and sit him up in his bumbo, everyday he gets that little bit more grown up and more aware of his environment and responsive to those around him. I could watch him and Millie for hours on end, they’re just so perfect and make me so happy. And it’s our big girl Millie’s last week at preschool today before she breaks up for the summer holidays and come September will be at full-time school; it’s exciting but sad at the same time, I’ll miss her so so much when she’s gone all day but at the same time it’s wonderful to watch her grow and make new friends and learn new things.

I’m actually jumping around at the thought of getting a new car for my birthday, and what could it be? Perhaps a slinky little two-seater number or gorgeous convertible? Nope, a seven-seater! With arm rests and cup holders and televisions! Oh my goodness how times change, but I am so excited about my comfort bus because of the sheer amount of shopping I could fit inside is unreal; and we could easily have another three children and still have room for an elephant in the back I’m already picturing shopping scenarios with Luca, perhaps an eight foot venetian mirror in a showroom “Sorry Trace you can’t have it, we’ve got no way to get it home…” *PEOPLE-CARRIER-KAPOW* oh how my life will change with those two extra seats.

Speaking of three more children, my period is still somehow escaping me and I’v got a pregnancy test in the cereal cupboard ready for hunting it out, you’d think stowing the prego-stick in with the breakfast paraphernalia would suffice to remind me to take a test at my next toilet meeting but so far it has slipped my mind until my bladder is almost half emptied and I panic and try to hold the last drops back but it’s officially impossible. It would make sense at first glance to leave the test in the bathroom but I can picture a sleepy-headed Luca brushing his teeth with it at 4am or even worse, Millie using it to stir her teacups at a bedroom picnic with her grandparents or to take her teddies temperature! As I’ve only just toileted and flushed away every drop of my golden truth serum I shall have to wait until I reload before period hunting begins. Perhaps I’ll check the fridge in the meantime, I seem to absentmindedly stash most misplaced things in there these days; it’s a good job the cold doesn’t reset car key-fobs! x x x

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