Age: 3months & 1day

Well our little chicken-drumstick is now three months old and how did this great event get marked? I found my period! On a day when the temperature is twenty-eight degrees and the sun burning hot; cue the backache, stomach cramps, bloated tummy and granny pants, oh how I do love summer!

Millie Feeding Gabriele His Milk

Holding Gabriele in this heat and discomfort is torture, we’re both literally in just our nappies, baking hot and fidgety. For some strange reason he loves to slobber and dribble all up my arms, neck and shoulder to the point where you’d be forgiven for thinking I might own a large hairy dog which had just slobbered all over me; but in a strange way on a hot and sticky day like this it’s an interesting way to cool yourself down

Gabriele is now able to sit up in his Bumbo seat which is so cute as he can be a part of dinner times at the table with us, he’s also using what we call his lambs bottle for his water which is suitable for three months onwards, and next month he can have his sippy cup – boy oh boy he’s growing up fast!

So today, feeling a little sluggish, and having had a McDonald’s for lunch yesterday and an Indian take away for dinner late last night, my aching bloated and stuffed to the brim tummy agreed with me that this week may not be our best for our weekly weighing scales rendezvous. Stepping onto the scales I was disappointed to see a three-pound gain and I honestly have no excuse for my sheer greed and laziness. I haven’t worked out, I haven’t ate healthily and I haven’t felt well. I have nobody to blame but myself and I guess I’ll have to take it on the (double) chin and put in more effort next week.

My Weight Loss 12 Weeks After Giving Birth

Looking at this weeks pictures my thoughts are towards my stomach being loose and flabby, my thighs too fat and cakey and my rear end needing a good kicking to tighten it up! I’m not in the best shape of my life but I do appreciate how far I’ve come in these past three months. I don’t know if I will ever feel happy with my body again, but I guess it’s a path that I aim to take but the journey is yet unwritten. I shall try to stay committed to the cause as much as I can, but realistically I’m only human and I get days when I’m greedy, days when I’m lazy and days when I’m bursting with determination – I just wish I could pick and choose which day I’m going to have each morning when I wake up.

Gabriele In His Safari Outfit

Emotionally I’m in a good place, not that I’ve been in a bad place at all, but I’m getting on top of life again. It helps that Millie is on school holidays for the summer. Today I managed to do the morning showers, housework, cooking, shopping and visiting my mum to walk the children to the park before coming back home this evening to do the dinner, hang out the washing and finally settled down to do my blog. I’m gradually adding more juggling balls to my circus act again and I just hope I’m able to sustain it now and not have it all come falling down in front of all the eager eyes.

It’s still so hot despite it almost being 9pm so I’ve had Gabriele stripped off in his nappy in the garden trying to cool his skin and he absolutely loved it and kept sticking his cheeky tongue out. The air is so still and heavy and hot there’s absolutely no breeze I can almost hear the flowers and fruit trees crumbling into ashes. But do you know what? It is the most wonderful time of year giving me the chance to cuddle our little angel skin to skin just like the day he was born. x x x

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