Age: 3weeks & 4days

We went to the doctors to have Gabriele weighed today and were astonished to see our cheeky little baby has gained 2lbs since he was born! He’s filled out so much now, everyday I look at him in disbelief that he is ours, and here, and so perfect I have to pinch myself. This last month has flown by it’s like a beautiful dream to have him with us.

Back In My Jeans Three And A Half Weeks After Giving Birth

I’m ALMOST fitting back into my usual clothes now, although there’s still a fair few things my bum won’t squeeze into yet. I don’t want to look like a shrink-wrapped pasty sausage bulging out of clothes that are too small for me, so I’m trying to be tactical about what I wear. Leggings obviously fit no matter what as they have give, but jeans and shorts are a bit of a mission. It’s so hot today in the mid twenties so I’ve been cracking out the flip-flops and vest tops in the hope of getting a tan and looking a bit healthier. I hate being deathly white and obviously sleep deprived, but when you have a tan it lifts your spirits and makes you look so much healthier.

I’m off to have my face fixed at the skin clinic today as I’ve had broken veins around my nose since I was a child and they’ll be using a needle to burn the veins shut so fingers crossed it works! I’m loving having my pamper makeover; everyday I feel a little bit better about my appearance and myself. My body is still changing and I know I will never look like I did a few years ago, but I hope that I can return to being somewhat happy in my own skin. At the end of the day as long as I have my wonderful children I can live with a few body imperfections. It’s nice to have a pamper though and God knows it’s well overdue!

So tonight we are off to see the Priest for Gabriele’s christening and fingers crossed he actually agrees to do the ceremony and understands that we want it for the right reason and not just for a party. I’m actually nervous because I don’t want to fail Gabriele, I want him christened just as Millie was when she was a baby and I want to give him the best start in life. It’s been a while since I’ve been to church and I’m more worried about what to wear to make the right impression. It will be down to whatever I can fit my thunder thighs into tonight!

And to make the sunshine all the sweeter I have finally stopped bleeding from birth HOORAY! Welcome back my fantastic friend Mr G. String oh how I have missed you I feel almost ready for summer now that I can banish my granny pants and support bra but I won’t be busting out the bikini just yet. My hips, stomachs and thighs still have a bit too much shake and bake for my liking, when I squish them I can feel the give in what I think is fat, which is sick. There’s only two weeks left until I can start working out and my abs won’t know what’s hit them when I get going, I’m grinning just thinking about doing crunches. I think the best motivation for people to work out and lose weight is not to join a gym and never go, but to be told you’re not allowed to work out; it’s like reverse psychology, when you can’t have something for some reason you want it all the more.

I’ve been very strict at cutting out the junk food and I’m feeling so much better for it, which is totally down to the fact the sun is now shining and I’m dreaming of summer; I think if it was still cold and raining I would be more inclined to comfort eat. Keep it going girl, stay strong and if all else fails wire your jaw shut! It’s almost Monday which means weigh-in day and I’m determined for the scales to go down! x x x

Here is a video of Millie and Gabriele together x

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