Age: 4months & 1week

Just a quick little update today. So today Gabriele is 17 weeks old and growing and changing so much by the day it’s incredible to see. He is now 1st5lbs, which is only 2lbs under half of Millie’s body weight! He’s a little cranky from time to time with his dribbling and fist chewing but despite it all he always has a smile on his face.

So it’s that time again where I step on the scales and face up to the past weeks eating habits. And yet again I’ve been awful, I’ve been so stressed and tired that I’m finding it hard to sleep at night, I’m grinding my teeth so hard when I’m unconscious that when I wake up it feels as though I’ve been biting a fork, and so far as having an appetite goes my head is so over the place I don’t even feel hungry anymore; it got to 4pm the other day before I realised I hadn’t even had breakfast because I was so distracted with rushing around and thinking about everything.

So here I am at seventeen weeks and I seem very much in limbo in mind and body this week. I’ve haven’t lost nor gained weight. My clothes fit the same and my belly is just as annoying as ever! I’m still on my period and feeling drained and washed out. Perhaps next week will rescue me?

My Weight Loss 17 Weeks After Giving Birth

And as I say goodbye to another week it’s also a time to look back on how Gabriele has been sleeping. At times it has been great and others he falls back into waking every few hours. Although it is far from a fixed sleeping pattern, the gaps between waking are gradually getting further apart, so fingers crossed it won’t be long before I’m posting blank charts here!

Baby Gabriele’s Nighttime Routine Week 16

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