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Just a quick update after I’ve finished my first week at the gym and I can already notice the difference from lifting weights, there is a hint of muscle making it’s way forward which is much preferred over flab!

So gradually my stamina is building and I feel so excited each time Luca and I go to try and push myself that little bit further, run a bit longer, lift a bit more. As it’s difficult to find the time to go together and also having a babysitter for both of the children we can only manage an hour at a time but not everyday due to Lucas work hours. I would love to go everyday but whilst I have the children it’s practically impossible.

I guess it’s good to break in gently though, and it makes a change from feeling stressed out and clumsy because the gym gives me focus, clarity and mounds of energy that I wouldn’t normally have. So now I’ve decided to chart my progress at the gym, how often I go, what I do and for how long for; in the hope that I can see a progress when I look back in weeks, months or years to come. And as I’ve signed up for twelve months I need all of the perseverance I can get.

My Progress At The Gym 1 Week Since Starting

So as you can see I’ve tried to balance cardio with lifting weights in order to trim down and tone up and it is completely addictive! I don’t want to turn into the Incredible Hulk but I wouldn’t mind walking down the road without my bottom bouncing or my thighs shaking. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes to get toned and comfortable with my weight and shape. So watch this space I guess!

Today was so warm and sunny and we went over to Luca’s aunt and uncles for a BBQ to celebrate their anniversary and it was the perfect afternoon; Gabriele was never short of kisses and cuddles, Millie played with the girls on the trampoline and Luca and I nursed our hangovers and lack of sleep from our cheeky boozy BBQ with friends at ours last night. It’s been a hectic but well needed let-your-hair down weekend and sitting here rocking Gabriele to sleep, dehydrated, hungover and sleep deprived I feel like I need another weekend to get over this one. 🙂

One Week After Starting The Gym I Can Feel My Legs Tightening

So it’s weigh-in time in the morning and I kind of wish I hadn’t have been such a greedy piggy these last few days, but it seems as soon as I have a glass of wine in my hand a fork finds its way into my other and I start eat everything in sight. Still it was fun and well deserved after all we’ve done this week. And if the scales swear at me tomorrow I’ll just throw them out of the window and pretend they don’t exist. Simples. 🙂 x

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