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Monday, Monday how I always welcome yet dread you at the same time; a bit like giving birth really! And what a week it has been with the run up to Christmas and the rat race of shopping, wrapping, cooking and school runs. I feel like a rather chubby greedy hamster on a running wheel and it seems no matter how hard I work or how much gets done I’m never any further forward. But hey ho, it’s only 8 days until Christmas and I’m so excited to see the children’s faces I could pop!

Gabriele has been working on his muscles this week and is as quick as a whippet at getting around the house now with his combination of crawling, pulling up, standing and shimmying himself along the furniture. And there seems to be nothing that is out of his inquisitive little reach right now; he’s had my candlesticks, cook books, Christmas tree and table runner. And just as he’s about to pull over/dribble on or destroy each item he’s now adopted the ritual of serenading it first with a loud shouting “bahhh blaah bah!” which was a great warning sign when he chased after Joey the dog and followed him into the kitchen attempting to grab his biscuit bowl.

Gabriele Serenading My Christmas Table Runner Before He Pulls It Off

Millie has been absolutely adorable this week and upon rooting through her school book bag at the weekend I discovered a crumpled bit of paper at the very bottom that informed me of a competition to make a Christmas tree decoration for the class tree which had to be in by the 20th December – d’oh! So it was pens, pencils and glue pots at the ready over the breakfast table on Sunday to rustle up something pretty, and Millie decided she’d like to make an angel. I very-wonkily drew her an outline and bless her little cotton socks she did everything else and made it look so pretty. She decided to write some words on the angels gown and I wrote them out on some paper and she copied them onto her angel and it looks lovely. She’s so hyped about winning the competition and wants to come first which would be lovely, but at the same time I reminded her that it’s the taking part that counts and not everybody who enters can win. On the other hand I think she did a lovely job and I’m hoping they’ll return her angel afterwards so I can have it for our tree!

Millie Made An Angel For Her School Christmas Tree Decoration Competition

Every time I ask Millie about Christmas the first words that tumble out of her mouth are “PRESENTS! Where, when and how many? Can I have them now? Can I have just one then?” And as lovely as it is to see her excited about Christmas I can’t help but gladiator-fight the little voice in the back of my head that’s warning me not to spoil the children. I so desperately want Millie and Gabriele to grow up being thankful, appreciative and understanding, but it seems every year that Millie gets that little bit older her expectations of presents rise and she demands more and more. I would give them both the whole world if I could but it means so much more to appreciate and earn it. As a child I was never spoilt and it’s made me such a thankful person and I feel so lucky for what I have today, and when I see others it’s so vastly clear to see those who have just been handed everything they ask for and continue to demand even more without regard of cost or efforts. And for this reason I’m going to spend the next 365 days leading up to Christmas 2014 teaching Millie with subtle little lessons what it is to receive, but what it feels like to give. She is such a sweet hearted and kind child, I just don’t want the scales to tip to one side.

Not wanting to spoil our little cherubs, and with a lack of space in the bedroom we decided to get the children one main present instead of several smaller ones this year, following on from this Luca decided the children might like a quad bike for Christmas and when I saw it I couldn’t help but stare on in amazement. He is such a big kid with his boys toys and I can’t see the children using it just now, perhaps we need a smaller one when they’re teenagers? Hmmm…

Luca’s New Toy For Christmas

It seems I can avoid it no longer, the scales have summoned me and it’s time to face the music. And you may already know what I’m about to say, which is quite possibly the same I’ve said every week – I’ve been greeee-D! But I just can’t help myself, all of the delicious Christmas cheeses and crackers are out, mulled wine, angel cake, winter soups with a loaf of bread and I think I’ve actually had three curries this week, comfort food galore! But I have been working hard at the gym, and I’ve just started to do sideways sit-ups in an attempt to strengthen my abs to rein in the pies. I managed a little toilet stop before embarking on the scales and felt quite hopeful when I stepped on and saw a one pound loss since last week – what a joy! But looking at my figure I still seem a little out of sorts and squashy, which is only to be expected with the treats that I have, its the late night nibbles and watching DVDs that does it. It would be nice to concentrate on my muscle tone in January and perhaps add a little contour to my love handles. All in all, I must say it’s been an alright result this week, perhaps it will catch up with me at the next weigh-in, I won’t hold my breath!

My Weightloss 32 Weeks After Giving Birth

I’ve been a right busy bee at the gym and I’m totally addicted, obsessed, hooked, call it what you like it just makes me feel so good. I’ve never had so much energy in my life, I’ve never had such stamina as I do now and I’m so happy to have found that little bit of me time where I can be alone with my thoughts and burn off some cake, even if I am dripping in sweat and ‘looking like a boy’ in my gym gear as Millie so often tells me. Ahh, that reminds me, I now have a new t-shirt with none other than the gyms logo on it with thanks to the owners, so I shall be wearing it tonight when the children are in bed and I’m on the weight bench, bliss!

My Gym Routine 15 Weeks After Starting

Gabriele, Gabriele, Gabriele how different you are to your sister, but it seems nothing and nobody can make my baby sleep all night at a reasonable hour. I simply had to lay Millie in her cot wide awake at 7pm as a baby and she would put herself to sleep, without fuss and within minutes of me standing at the door. But this little boy! Well, he’s in a league of his own, refusing to sleep, waking constantly and wanting to lay in bed all morning when it’s time for the school run. It’s not as if he’s my first child and I have no idea what to do, because I aced the bedtime routine with Millie. He’s just impossible and I’ve tried everything, he just has so much energy and is constantly on the go, I think he doesn’t know how to switch off, and I daren’t say that he gets that from his Mummy!

Baby Gabriele’s Nighttime Routine 32 Weeks After Birth

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