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So our little pudding is 8 months old today and thankfully he’s back to eating solids again and being a happy cheerful little boy after last weeks dehydration fiasco. And as you can see from the pictures below he doesn’t sit still for a minute and is into absolutely everything; tables, the sofa, the animals and even the stairs are no longer out of bounds, but thankfully being part of an elite breed of Mummies, I have eyes in the back of my head!

Baby Gabriele Is Now A Fearless Crawler At 8 Months

He’s been pulling himself up on the sofa for just over two weeks now and shimmies his way from one side of it to the other with a little sidestep whilst he’s standing and gives us the biggest grin once he reaches his destination, it’s so cute! He’s either extremely brave or completely oblivious to danger as he now steps out into the room with just one hand gripping the sofa or holding onto our legs, before plopping down onto his bottom and then scrambling back up to do it again. He seems to be able to stand for ages but as of yet he’s not managed to take a step unsupported. And considering Millie was thirteen months old when she reached this stage we’re not expecting him to progress much further anytime soon, in fact if anything I would prefer he didn’t attempt to stand too much just incase it damages his legs but he simply wont sit still! Men!

Baby Gabriele Attempting To Walk At 8 Months With One Hand For Support

Gabriele still has a bit of a snotty cold and sneezes which has lingered for weeks now but it’s one of those things that are just going around and you have to wait it out as unfortunately there is no cure for the common cold. And as he’s been snotty and choked up, when he’s tired he rubs his fists across his eyes, face and nose and smears a concoction of dribble and snot everywhere across his hands, face and clothes. So when I noticed a gooey lump of yellow in the corner of his right eye, firstly I thought it was sleep or maybe a charming food/snot/dribble cocktail that he’d rubbed across his face and wiped it off and thought nothing of it.

Perhaps a half hour later the same thick yellow goo was in the corner of his eye again, and knowing he hadn’t been to sleep it made me wonder how it got there so again I cleaned it away. After he had his bottle I put him down for his nap which lasted about twenty minutes and when he woke up his right eye looked awful! His eye looked wet and sore and his lashes were all stuck together and gooey, and this time when I wiped his eye with a damp tissue lots of yellowish-green goo came off and I was horrified.

We called Lucas mother who identified it as conjunctivitis straight away and when I checked online it appears that Gabriele’s viral infection has been the cause as it’s common for a baby to get conjunctivitis when they have a cold. There is no real treatment for viral conjunctivitis, other than wiping away any goo and keeping his eye dry and clean and it should clear up within a week or two. I’d never seen it before and it was awful to see at first but it doesn’t seem to bother Gabriele and after cleaning it away two or three times it’s pretty much gone completely now so I think he had a mild case in this instance luckily.

Baby Gabriele Has Conjunctivitis In His Right Eye

A few days ago Lucas mum treated me to a lovely new hair cut and colour at her salon and I feel like a jazzed up momma! It’s such a treat having nice hair and it always feels so much better to have the dead ends taken off and a nice rich colour brown dye put on. My natural hair colour is a 7 anyway, which I have no clue as to it’s actual name or makeup but I compare it to a dull bland mud colour, so now I have a nice rich brown it looks and feels so healthy I can’t help but smile! 🙂

My New Hair

And this week I hold my hands up yet again to seven days of ruthless binging on delicious December delicacies. We’ve had Chinese and Pizza takeaways, mulled wine, tortillas, cashews, bags of mixed nuts, cheese and crackers, angel cake, tonnes of bread, pasta, potatoes and winter stodge and chocolate everyday courtesy of the advent calendars of course! So it really isn’t a good time of year for maintaining my relationship with the weighing scales. However, I strongly believe that nobody should ever punish themselves over food, and a little of what you fancy does you good as there is no way I would ever skip a meal in favour of junk food and I always ensure that the children eat a proper dinner with vegetables and meat, taking into consideration the eating abilities of baby Gabriele of course. But if you’d had a nice healthy and nutritious meal then the odd treat after isn’t so bad as long as you put in some time to exercise and tip the balance back to equal then there is no harm done.

Not having being to the toilet this morning and wearing a nice thick jumper to battle the cold outside on the school run, I was expecting to see a few pounds gain in weight this week and would have justified it for this reason, but I was almost bowled over to see a one pound loss and have been smiling all day because of it.

My Weight Loss 31 Week After Giving Birth

I look at my body now that our son is eight months old and I have to say I can no longer see any difference from how I was before I had him, only on the plus side I’m now more toned and muscular than I was before which is great. I’ve absolutely annihilated my stomach muscles with situps this week and I have to say that although it is a tedious workout it really does get so much easier the more that you do. On a few occasions I’ve done too many in one hit, like the other night when I did 400 in the space of an hour and it left me feeling sick like I’d been kicked in the stomach, but it’s gradually making a difference to my muscle tone that once housed my two children and had seen better days. I’m hoping for at least a two-pack before next year and I’ll wait eagerly for my six-pack over the coming decade!

My Gym Routine 14 Weeks After Joining

And it may have something to do with the fact that I smashed my all time best at the gym today when I managed to cycle 16 miles in an hour which I’m ecstatic about as several weeks ago I was averaging about 9 miles an hour. So please excuse me while I stop typing for a second and pat myself on the back to celebrate as I have no idea how I’m going to walk up the stairs later when it’s time for bed after what my leg muscles have been through today, I may have to devise some kind of climbing rope anchored to the banister and drag myself up on a dinner tray!

My Best Cardio Workout Yet: 16 Miles In 60 Minutes

So, despite Gabriele teething, having a cold, persistent cough and recovering from dehydration his nighttime routine is fairly structured. He seem to be going to bed later and later these days and Luca has been very firm in telling me that we must impose a strict bedtime of 7pm when Millie goes to bed and encourage Gabriele to join her by laying him in bed with a bottle of milk and a teddy with the light off to lull him to sleep. And my response was “Don’t you think I’ve tried!?” Unfortunately we have a werewolf for a son in the fact that he is so inhumanely alert at night and it’s proving impossible to change his sleep pattern. I keep him active all day, discourage afternoon naps and having him crawling all over the house and my face all evening to tire him out but he’s like the duracell bunny and just keeps going.

Baby Gabriele’s Nighttime Routine 31 Weeks After Birth

Luca was adamant that he would demonstrate how to get Gabriele to sleep at 7pm and marching him into the bedroom armed with his bottle of warm milk and snuggle bunny, leaving me to keep watch downstairs with the baby monitor. And as cheeky as this must sound I was in hysterics watching Gabriele standing up in his nappy shouting his “bahh bahh goo doo’s” and giggling as he bounced down onto his bum and chewed his toys, showing no signs of tiredness and running rings around Luca. And when he finally admitted defeat two hours later and brought Gabriele back downstairs I refrained from using the words ‘I told you so’ and simply smiled at him sympathetically and exhausted.

I don’t feel at a loss over Gabriele’s sleep routine because Luca has always been a night owl and I an early riser, so he simply takes after his daddy with his body clock. As he gets older he’ll tire himself out more and more and eventually begin going to sleep at a reasonable hour; and if he doesn’t then I’ll take him to a science lab and have his DNA cloned and sold in supermarkets as an energy drink and we’ll be millwionaires Rodders! Simples.

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