Green Tree Jewelry Laser Cut Wood Earrings

When it comes to wearing earrings I’m a total stud-addict as there’s nothing worse than heavy jewellery pinching and stretching out your earlobes. Green Tree Jewelery from San Diego USA pride themselves on using sustainable and eco-friendly Certified FSC wood to create lightweight, durable and on-trend jewellery which has literally had me doing somersaults with excitement.

Green Tree Jewelery Laser Cut Wood Earrings

Their process involves using very thin multi-layered wood which is constructed in a criss-cross fashion for optimal strength. This makes the earrings both lightweight and strong; with such fashion forward designs they’re easily the hottest fashion accessories around this summer and the perfect way to turn everyday outfits into a style statement. Here I have my favourite Sugar Skull earrings. Pineapple earrings and Ocean Pearl earrings which are bright, bold, cheerful and colourful – a little like me perhaps?

Green Tree Jewelery Laser Cut Wood Earrings

Whilst the front of the earrings are beautifully patterned the reverse side is a simple plain wood and I love how rich, well made and earthen they feel because of it. They’re incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear to the extent that it feels as if there’s nothing there at all – no more having to take them off after hours spent at a party or massaging lobes long into the evening; Finally comfort and style can live in harmony!
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  • Like you, beautiful, chic, smart and cute all rolled up into one beautiful package, great idea I commend them and you.. Nice find. Luv Mac

  • The earrings that you are wearing on the picture together with your green hair looks absolutely fantastic on you my darling Tracy. If I didn’t know that they were made from wood, I wouldn’t have guessed it at all. Maybe you can feel it when you have them on. You are a gorgeous model Tracy love.

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